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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Kul Oakenshield, Mar 16, 2012.

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    This is bullshit, Kano.

    I'm being attacked by an entire guild and I'm only allowed a whopping 10 counters?

  2. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    you can only set 10 total ??

    found this in the help section

    Counter Attacks
    Counter Attacks can be set on other clans. If a counter attack has been set on a clan, the next time they attack, they will be caught off guard and destroyed in battle.
    You cannot set a counter attack on someone who hasn't previously attacked you within the last 24 hours. Attacks are battles only, axe slaps and bounties are not counted.
    Counter attack pricing is now based off of cashflow (income-upkeep) and strength between two players.If the player placing the counter attack is a greater level, the cost is based more on the greater of the two cashflows ( between the 2 players )
    Discounts are given if your opponent has attacked more and price is increased if you have attacked more. Attacks are battles only, axe slaps and bounties are not counted. Attack counts between players are reset if there is 24 hours of inactivity (no attacks). Note that the already set counter attacks themselves are never reset or removed. Price is also increased if multiple counter attacks are set on the same person.
    Counter attack allocations start at 100, every 15 levels you advance that allocation drops by 1 to a minimum of 10.
    Base Counter attack costs are capped at your opponent's bounty price (before discounts/increases).
    Successful counter attacks count as an attack against your opponent.
  3. It's still bullshit. I don't need 50 bounty traps.

    10 counters is bullshit, and it should be increased.
  4. Maler

    Maler Member

    true, but i doubt this will happen. rules are rules.
  5. LOL @ 50 bounty traps!!!
  6. Mark Devaney

    Mark Devaney New Member

    Iam not happy with Kano saying you cannot counter your enemies unless they have attacked in a 24 hour period, Kano keeps saying this after my enemy is launching multiple attacks on me, right at that very moment. ? Comeon Kano what gives,? I was going to buy some facebook points to upgrade things, but I really cant see the point if Kano cant fix this problem. It is so frustrating and discouraging. You are really letting a good game deteriorate. Never this problem before.
  7. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    write to support, that should not be happening, at least not in PC pr VC, sounds like a glitch you should be able to set them even as they are attacking you
  8. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    i think this should be the other way around.
    we should have 50 counters and 10 rigs...
  9. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    I'm against this. I don't like counters and I don't see a reason to increase the number of these annoyances.
  10. Personally I think it's a good idea, of course high level players will be against an increase or any counters at all, but it's a 10 from me, even the high level players don't beat everyone and might need it at some point ;)
  11. Yeah, well I don't like being attacked incessantly by higher level players, preventing me from being able to do anything boss wise. We all deal with our little pet peeves in game.

    Yours is counters. Mine is that.

    I don't want counters unlimited for obvious reasons. It definitely needs to be higher than 10 though. Two peeps with over 200 attacks on me and I can only counter them 5 times before they get at my health? Lol, bullshit.
  12. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    I agree that there should be more counters, have used the alot in PC, but rarely use them now, hate spending the coins on them :( bounty traps are my thing, sometimes I have to delete one on one person to put someone else there lol
  13. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I make use of all 50 of my bounty traps so im cool with those, but 10 counters has always been a joke. Counters are a perfectly legitimate strategy. 10 counters is fine if u have 1 or 2 rivals attacking but does nothing for a player who is being attacked by more than that. Counters should be unlimited....lets not forget they are expensive in terms of stamina and money...the only time they become affordable is when a rival has attacked a gazillion times...isnt that that the whole idea of counters...to thwart the over attackers?
  14. Give me more than 10 max counters, Kano.

    Player A 39 attacks,1 bounty,4 axe slaps,2 bounty traps in 2 days Last attacked: 40 minutes ago
    Player B 384 attacks,1 bounty,19 axe slaps in 5 days Last attacked: 2 hours ago
    Player C 74 attacks,2 axe slaps,11 bounty traps in 6 hours Last attacked: 9 minutes ago
    Player D 71 attacks,1 axe slap in 2 hours Last attacked: 8 minutes ago
    Player E 340 attacks,7 axe slaps,6 bounty traps in 2 days Last attacked: 6 minutes ago
    Player F 114 attacks,5 bounties,2 axe slaps,9 bounty traps in 2 hours Last attacked: 1 hour ago

    We should at least be allowed 20 max available counters in order to deal with an entire guild attacking us. This is bullshit, Kano.
  15. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster Member

    I agree, increase counters I mean they can only be used in massive quantities effectively if you have been attacked a lot so it makes sense that you should be able to fight back more. However, for the love of the gods do not decrease bounty traps as we do need 50.
  16. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    I will also get behind this because i believe in Pirate clan your allowed to have a max of 75 counters and 50 bounty traps if i am correct. And since i recently found out that not only in pirate clan which i have known but lcn and viking clan does have a limit of 5000 hits on a player in a single day this is acceptable to have in all three games. Only reason i did not include zombie slayer is because there hits on players are very small in a single day. So you will get a 10 from me also.
  17. it should be increased to like 5000000 but you know .......... alot of shit is bullshit
  18. pineappledog

    pineappledog Member

    10 stars from me, without counters it gives anyone who can beat you in a fight no deterrent to beat on you all day long. I use them from time to time and they have come in really useful in situations like Kul mentions where multiple people are chaining you whenever you are out of the hospital. Also they are good for if you attack someone on the hitlist much higher level than you to stop them beating on you for 24 hours :D
  19. Stevie Mac

    Stevie Mac Member

    Ok I had similar problem as Kul although from one player only. At time I had 40 counters to work with against a guy who attacked me 16.5k times in a week - similar problem to Kul, could do nothing on game. I posted elsewhere in forum about this before and got agreements from most that it should be increased. To find out it is now ten is nothing but laughable, no deterrent against a single determined player never mind multiples of them......

    I really do think it is an area Kano should look at closely, it is not an isolated case, I know of many who have had similar things. If it gets to stage that a player cannot play game, regardless of the cash he pumps into it then what reason or incentive do they have to keep playing or spend money on the game..........? Maybe with that in mind Kano will have a re-think on the whole thing.........?
  20. 'David Ramos

    'David Ramos Active Member

    if you didn't go around slapping higher levels, to antangonize they WOULDNT be able to attack you!! You R ALL health & attack (no DEFENSE) & ONLY 5 of my GUILD are attacking you in retaliation!

    This is bullshit, Kano.

    I'm being attacked by an entire guild and I'm only allowed a whopping 10 counters?


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