In memory of Julie - Trinity Pitchfork Tribute Gift!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wonder Woman, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    In memory of Julie, one of LCN's most respected and beloved players who passed away recently, we've created this special item, the Trinity Pitchfork. Each prong represents one of the three Syndicates that made up Julie's LCN family, and Trinity is the name of her eldest daughter. Julie was one of LCN's most loyal and passionate players, so please keep her family--both in game and out--in your thoughts through these tough times.

  2. xirataix

    xirataix New Member

    como optengo armas para el juego
  3. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    May she rest in peace.
  4. Bob Sciarrone

    Bob Sciarrone Member

    Rest in Peace my friend Julie and May God's light, love and support shine on you and your family.
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  5. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    IT is still rather nice that they did anything for her... you can respect that they care, usually nothing would have been done at all
  6. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    We consulted with her family and some of her LCN family as well. The suggestions came directly from them. When you finish your Advent Calendar you will also notice that the Nuk on the bottom of the sleigh has the last level that Julie completed in memory of all that she accomplished in the game. The Nuk also come from suggestions that were passed onto us from the people who knew her.

    We hope that the LCN community will send and receive this gift to honor Julie.
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I think what Kano has done here is absolutely great....a true testament to the fact that they do care about their players.

    RIP Julie. :(
  8. gods people

    gods people Active Member

    Here here well done kano. to all the people who think that kano have not done enough you are wrong. i hope when i pass away one day they do the same for me. Again well done kano........

    LCNMOBWARSPlayer New Member

    As I have witnessed many good friends come and go this one really hurts the most. Nothing could make her family and friends happier than how you have made this item. I wish many more could have the loyal and passion as you have said. May GOD bless your soul, your family and your friends Julie, we will all miss you in and/or outside the game.
  10. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    Julie? Who dat?
  11. Bob Sciarrone

    Bob Sciarrone Member

    Well, my apologies. Obviously I did not have enough information on the subject to comment. Further comments will be more well informed ones. Thank you KANO! Again, my apologies to all.
  12. write your will

    write your will New Member

    kano did well on this and did consult the right people :) from one of jules closet friends shed have been happy :)
  13. Hawk

    Hawk New Member

    Just Click Heal Dumb Azz

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