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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Wonder Woman, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. oh im sorry did that hurt

    i know i saw it on mob before

    but it should get on the other apps to
  2. King of LCN

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    Thanks Eric for in game messages you added
    We need to talk
    I don't want to talk
    This will really be useful
    Thanks for your support also

    Ps can I have an in game saying obey your king
  3. Kendall

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    Ha, that one will cost 75,000 favor points
  4. polishpimp

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    Ive never gotten used to the new "canned"message layout since it was changed way back when.....for whatever reason it is just way more difficult to find a particular message amongst the list then it used to be....can we go back to the way it used to be please?

    with that about....

    time is money...just fall on your own sword
    r u for real?
    maybe u should take up needle point
    U sure talk a good game
    i see your gums flapn...but all i hear is blah blah blah
    what ever
    u bore me
    tomorrow is another day
    victory is mine/ours!
    internet problems
    Has Kano lost their mind?
    my granddaughter hits harder than u
    are we playing the same game?
    talk about pathetic
    your getting there...nice job

    and my personal favorite....SWEEEEEEET!
  5. have YOU lost your

    if i die you die
  6. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    "You are on my rivals list" as well as fight list (Y)
  7. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    "I no speaky Engli"

    I would love to see that appear (Y)
  8. 1. "Let's Compare Stats....that's all I'm Sayin'."
    2. "You can't kill/fight me without help."
    3. "Does your mommy know you're up this late?"
    4. "Whatsamata You?"
    5. "If you don't like fighting, go play Farmville."
    6. "Had enough yet?"
    7. "Too bad your syndicate couldn't stop me from killing you this time."
    8. "Wow, you're one of the toughest guys I ever clicked a mouse at."
  9. "Welcome to Blocked."

    "Because I Can."

    "I see your getting your faction to attack me, The more, the merrier."

    "Watching you die makes me smile."

    "Your better off dead."

    "Need some tissue?"
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    THE GREAT ONE Member

    1) Staying dead may be a better option for you, but you can heal if you want, I don't mind at all

    2) Why stay in hospital when we can dance, healing is only a button away

    3) Do you have any idea who you are messing with (personal message that only I can send)

    4) You got a purty mouth

    5) bock, bock, bock,, bockaaaaaaa!!

    6) You just got knocked the hell out, courtesy of yours truly

    7) Time out, time out!!! I needs to refill my pimp cup

    8) would you like some...... pie?

    9) You're a choir boy compared to me!!!

    10) It's on!!! you're about to meet my friend pain!!!

    11) Thou shalt not pass!!!! (Gandalf only message)

    12) Are you kidding me? really, are you kidding me? Overdosing on attack boosts won't help you now

    13) I usually drive a Cadillac (personal message that only I can send)

    14) Hey U were WTF pwned (message that only Hey U were WTF Pwned can send)

    15) BOOM!! HEADSHOT!!!

    16) Always look on the bright side of life

    17) Lights out, fool!!!

    18) I'm going to butter you up like a biscuit

    19) You want to ram with me? hmmm?

    20) I eat fools like you for lunch!!!

    21) You know, fighting is the first sign of love

    22) Just and FYI, ambushing me tends to make me want to destroy you a little more than usual

    23) I've been slapping you around for the best part of an hour, how are you feeling?

    24) I'm the bauss (personal message that only I can send)

    25) Like a Boss

    26) Don't cry for me Argentina

    27) Hello, is it me you're looking for?

    28) I like big butts and I cannot lie (classic MC Hammer)

    29) I'm hotter than Wasabi

    30) wanna feel how hard I can punch?

    31) I'll give you, 10 seconds to live, give or take

    32) Well, well, well.. what do we have here

    33) Hold on, let me check my Swiss bank account (Reply to Can you hitlist me please?)

    34) Can't touch this (classic MC Hammer)

    35) Why? (always a good question)

    36) Just before I block you, let me just tell you that you are a complete and utter..... ohh too late BLOCKED

    37) I've met some fairly terrible players online but you just take the biscuit

    38) IMMA FIRIN' MA LAYZZORR!!!!! (Personal Favorite, would love to be able to send this to my foes)

    39) Homie please, my Roflcopter has Sidewinder Dimensional Cannons!!
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  11. Lyca

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    1. If you want to join squads send me a friend request.

    2. Did you enjoy using your alt to hitlist me?

    3. Hi stalker...

    4. I'm not hiding I just don't heal at 4am..
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  12. lol @stalker
  13. Lu Meng

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    how about a war for the guilds and armada on pirate clan and viking clan
  14. LCNMOBWARSPlayer

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    One idea I thought would be great and help others. Is to check the syndicates that use the same picture on 25 profiles in that syndicate. It seems suspicious that it might be one person with too much free time. If you were to remove all those profiles it would help clear of your cloud storage/memory on your server. This would also make it fair to the other syndicates who don't have a full syndicate crew. It is dumb too though to use 25 profiles as they only get the gamer points. If they were syndicate rivals they would greatly need Daily Players who are at least 1-6 hours active a day. Makes no sense why some of them cheat on there as they only cheat others and themselves sometimes of the time they waste.


    "Don't mess with me im a bully" :cool: or "Stop complaining and take your 40 loses" or "You got knockout" when someone punch kill someone :p
  16. LCNMOBWARSPlayer

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    Yah one good idea would be to shut down these massive new accounts popping up to hitlist new accounts already made and lagging the game as well as freeing up some of your cloud storage and refresh rate.
  17. MikeCan

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    i have a empty spot, you fixed well in my mob.
  18. You and your friends keep trying, but you will never stop me!
  19. You broke our deal, so suffer the wrath!
  20. DoNRaDu

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    Don't hate me because i'm from HI5 lol

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