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    That's funny.Kendall had publicly posted a PM he sent to Atheistic.Hypocrites much?
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    Why can’t confirmation buttons just be added? I hate to say but you are going on and on about moving and rearranging everything to AVOID putting in confirmation buttons. Why was this the response to the request? The response should have been to add in confirmation buttons. The devs also skirt the direct requests, made by many people multiple times in the forums for as long as I can remember (I’ve been playing for 693 days.) Why can’t we just have confirmation buttons? You only offer refunds for UN items purchased by mistake, not for refills, rockets, etc. anything else that can be consumed. This issue is becoming even more relevant with people playing on their phones. I play the full site on my phone because the mobile site is severely lacking. It is much easier to miss click and purchase a refill or a rocket on the phone because the area to “click” is tiny and millimeters away from your intended click. Honestly, if I was a dev I would add them in just so I didn't have to read new threads about them.
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    You quoted why, we'd rather move buttons to avoid misclicks and there's no evidence that confirmation buttons will prevent it. That's why :)
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    You would rather move buttons and rearrange then give the players what they repeatedly ask for? You say that there is no evidence that confirmation buttons will prevent misclicking, however, we’ve never had confirmation buttons so how do you know this? Has Kano tested this? If it is true that clicking the confirmation button will become second nature, then where is the harm? Why do we have confirmation buttons for selling regular ingame items and upgrades if confirmation buttons are useless?
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  6. Thanks, polish. Like you, I don't have a horse in the race concerning the auto-heal feature..glitch. I don't really care either way. My concern was simply the speed in which it was fixed.

    I actually don't believe for a minute that the "silent majority" is busy stating their opinion to the developers in private. And I hazard a guess that you don't either. Though I don't want to speak for you.

    As far as I'm concerned, if they're too lazy to post on the forum, why would they take the time out of their day to send private messages to the staff? I suggest they may care enough to complain if they made an accidental purchase or something, but to actually take the time out to submit ideas in private is just ludicrous to me.
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  7. I appreciate the response. I'm not suggesting that there are a high number of mis-clicks, I'm merely saying that with the system as it is, there is potential for such to occur and a simple confirmation button would help to alleviate that issue. This has only happened to me once when I mistakenly purchased a stamina refill I didn't need. And once is just too much. It appears that Kano has taken some steps to help solve the problem.

    I'm not sure that your second bullet point is valid. But I'm not going to belabor the point.

    As for the third bullet point, I'm happy that the developers are at least looking into it.

    I understand why you fixed the heal glitch. That was never an issue for me. What was an issue for me is the fact that the developers (and it's not just Kano) are quick to fix things that have a positive impact on (some) players but negative to the developers themselves, yet slow to implement changes that may have a positive effect on the game itself, but may have a negative impact on the developers. It's always in the best interest of the developers to get as many UN out of circulation as possible and the accidental purchase of UN equipment or refills or perhaps the accidental deletion of such items can only be a positive to Kano's bottom line. Not that I fault them for it, but it does appear to be the case.
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    There is no silent majority, I'm not sure where this rumor came from. We do get a lot of people writing to support with ideas, we get messages on our app page on FB, we get PMs on the forums. People who don't want to be heckled by their peers write to us in different forms. We listen to all feedback, hence the recent survey :)
  9. I'm not going to argue with you about the silent majority, but in your private response to me, you strongly implied there was such a thing, or at least an even distribution of those that make their opinions known on these boards, and those that lack the courage of their convictions. I could quote the text here, but you don't like that sort of thing, so I won't.

    I'm not going to do a search of these forums, but references to this "silent majority" can be found in many dev responses.
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    The point of this thread is...
    There is no point anymore -_- 9 pages of ADHD affected 3 year olds. And i was not invited to join in on the fun.
    No offense to any who have ADHD or who are of the young age of 3 :) the comparison was simply to point out the ridiculousness of allowing this threat to continue.
    All said and done, argumentative children
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    I'm confused now!!!

    I see no point in surveys or Ideas, suggestions or whatever from us when you basically stick 2 fingers up to what we would really like.
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    Alka has a valid point.Why should we suggest something that many would like to see,when you're just going to say no to the majority?

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