How do you kill the hitlisted person?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by forbidden7, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. forbidden7

    forbidden7 Member

    Is it coz u got good attack & health?high attack & defense?or just fast internet & quick hand :p?
  2. Anybody can get a hitlist kill, it's down to a quick finger and maybe timing it right, Connection speed helps only marginally but it's all down to skill, practice and you'll get better at it :)
  3. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    to me the most important thing about hunting is good et speed and a good computer,2nd would be attack and health for it take less hits to do more damage,last but not least u got to be fast,more mouse fast and click fast..anyways hope it helps
  4. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Well without a decent connection,you will more than likely miss.Being able to click fast helps too.Having good attack and health helps too.Defense won't help you get the kill.
  5. I was playing on less than 1mb connection before and was still managing to hunt effectively, it's now a bit better with my 60mb connection but seriously the rate at which I see hits are about the same, a lot of my hits have been with just 1 attack and I often get the lucky attack in... I guess it's different for everybody, but yes definitely a fast computer helps a lot :)
  6. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Okay everyone seems to be forgetting the most important part. Does not matter if you win or lose its the last hit that does the kill shot that its awarded to. So long as your not afraid to die from higher players go for it. Worse case scenario you lose experience and they annoy you for a little while. Me personally i enjoy the bounty boards it's fun picking off the high levels. Especially the ones who say you will never get me again in emails to you. 20 and counting you know who you are.
  7. That's why I said anyone can get a hitlist kill :D
  8. forbidden7

    forbidden7 Member

    yeah the top 1 now is over 19k kill which is very2 impressive but yeah as long u try to kill even the hits are higher level than u it'll be cool enough maybe u can get the hits for 1 lucky hit :p..
  9. Ace

    Ace Member

    Health and attack are the way to go to hunt. Sure, you can get the lucky shot with 100 health and 50 attack, but it's very unlikely.
  10. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    best way? not to be lagging roflmao.
  11. Craig KillZZ

    Craig KillZZ Member

    first purchase tons of property. it drives your bounty way way down. then everyone will list you because you are so very cheap. You can learn how to ride the hit list board with some health, as it just takes a little practice. after your listed several hundred times (dont worry about losing to much health there is a limit which is 1/2 of your levels XP) then sell off all the property you just bought and look what happens --> see what happens when you sell off your properties!!
    Note: this will be the 1009th bounty on this user in the last day or so.
    Confirm Cost: $13,994,590,911,635

    Lets all pass the word around.
    Learn to ride forever
    Raise you bounty killls into the thousands
    and once your hit list cost reaches the sky- kill however you want they can't hit you back.
    PS just save lots of money to kill all your enemies

    and this fits the guidelines
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  12. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    You're a bit off topic here :) and as I pointed out on facebook, you can't just buy tons of get 1 of each, and you ain't able to sell them after either :p
  13. forbidden7

    forbidden7 Member

    i think he's reffering to ZS..what he realy meant is buy as many equips,vehichle n gears the one u can bought at shop with money so ur hitlist price is low as it can get and after u get hitlistd mny times already the u sold all the things so ur bounty is high..

    btw thanks fr the ideas of ur way of killing the hl person :)..
    sometimes its hurts my finger jst to wait n kill the person on hl haha but the fun part is when u get the bounty :p..
  14. slave

    slave Member

    get a clue killz

    first by buying tons of upgradeable weapons to get your hitlist price down, will cost you billions and perhaps even trillions, and when you sell them back you lose half eddie.....

    for a one time shot at being king of the hitlist, feel free to go for it craig, if that is what drives you
    for me....losing the xp, wasting 3-4 days of sitting at negative xp and the loss of cash when you sell the items, not worth the bragging...

    but if thats what you want to do, trust me, there will be lots of takers to list you bub
  15. forbidden7

    forbidden7 Member

    i don't think it will be fun anymore to catch the one with the most highest bounty if more people are using or following this method :(..
  16. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    lol i knew exactly what he meant, was just pointing out that he was advising people wrongly ;)
    What he's crying about is someone lowering their own bounty on purpose to then raise it dramatically, but as mentioned above getting there isn't exactly a walk in the park. Your death count rises a LOT your hours income decreases a LOT and you spend a good time regaining xp lost.

    We've got way off subject now though so to answer your original question....there is no BEST way to get the bounty, it's luck, timing and patience (thats why i barely catch anything lol)
  17. alka

    alka Banned

    The only other thing I would add is having the free time to stalk the Hitlist for hours on end.. :)
    Happy hunting

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