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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Larry Skary, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    So thats why you always have to have help killing me your so confident dont ask for help as you have so many times lmao you cant kill me without help or listing me
  2. yea that's why we have friends so we can IM chat and organise game play better and its more fun when play together - don't you think Larry? its a game .. lol :p

    im sorry if we kill You or you Guild members so much but there is no other guilds around we can practice battle on it - so game goes on ?!!
  3. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    para you brag about 700 levels i attack you and your 1200 levels higher why dont you try that if you want to prove your any kind of player oh wait your to scared lmao you always need help even to slap
  4. Fight Fight Fight!!! :D
  5. Larry You getting to Scary here lmao
    i did attack them more in one hour than you attack me in 6 weeks !!
    Larry Skary, Level 2169 wow lol
    1 attack in 1 second 17 hours ago >> so so 7 hours to go .. be good boy hahaha

    For now i have lots fun and its not Boring at all like for some players up there ;)
    but im sure i will attack tops again when i feel like it .. just keep playing VC- best apps and will see lots interesting battles :)
  6. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    Para you never attack them when they kill you off bounty you always attack the lower level players so here's my challenge to you and your guild and leveling partner if you want to be a big player attack the ones higher level than you if not why don't you all just tuck your tails and stay on the porch and lets the REAL BIG DOGS PLAY you wont because your afraid i know
  7. *Popcorn moment* interesting :eek:

  8. lmao is Your friend Paypal bag asking u to do this because his so bored ? :D
    You know what Larry BIG DOG lol this is 3rd time i tell You - we did show what we can do and if that is not enough for You why don't You show some real challenge like we did and not hide behind your Guild leader Mr Paypal who needs 1000+ levels to be away from danger hahaha
    if they cant attack us thats they problem - if Larry do attack me its Larry problem is that hard to understand? lol
  9. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    ok i see now your backing down from the challenge i knew you would run and hide behind your g/f''s skirt lol as you all attack and hide and wont attack higher levels this tells me you cannot stand losing as you are afraid tyvm and you belong to be behind like you are now
  10. Larry, thank you. You have true courage, my friend. Para, I'm sure you won't believe this because you don't WANT to believe this, but neither Polish nor I asked Larry to post this, but I couldn't agree more if I had.

    You have obviously broken out your paypal account too, so what's the point of your derisive comments? We are simply playing the game, apparently better and faster than anyone else at this point. Would you have us stand still and wait a few months/years for you to catch up?

    In the mean time, you and your cronies do appear to delight in harassing those hundreds and thousands of levels below you. We merely avenge them. YOU not only requested to be enemies, your guild began listing ours first. So check your self-righteous attitude at the door and try to regain some dignity.

    Crazy William Storm, thank you for the huge, and I mean HUGE, laugh you gave me. It's like a total disconnect, isn't it? Enjoy the ping pong match my friend! LMAO
  11. No colors Larry?:(
  12. Larry all respect ..skirt ? well sorry made u angry :rolleyes:
  13. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    sorry Crazy William i didnt think about colors and para its really sad you cant handle the truth even when it bites you in the rear lmao
  14. It is not the end yet a way to begin.
    The power of words both good and bad.
  15. LOL when did i say paypal ? i say favor point pop-in in - so we have hunter shoots :D
    so far JJ started bounty my guild and i just follow her steps .. and do the same with her guild ! is it that true JJ? that's why enemy request been send !!
    well thanks for give me such attention we having lots fun on Guild wars :)

    lol why did Polish bounty me 4 times and after 5 min send me friends requests when first that guild thing come out ? lol that was funny joke ,,
    so i hope Larry feel better when i spend more time in forum and not attacking him like rest of my rivals lol

    also JJ im not trying to race with u and Polish i have more important thinks to do in my real life than u2 lol
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I do believe I've addressed this b4, but for those with a short term memory...YES" u were able to beat me some of the times u battled me for a very short time, maybe an hour or 2. But as i said b4, I had 1000s of skill points not allocated for the sole purpose of allowing u to catch i could better gauge where my opponent was at. now that I have that imfo and have allocated my points accordingly......i will once again extend my offer to TRY AGAIN.....LOL.
  17. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    see another way of copping out there Para nice way to evade the issue of you not accepting the challenge lmao thats nice para you and gavin teamed up again to kill me tyvm like i said you cant kill me by yourself you need help to just turn your pc on
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  18. Larry you talk for Polish but you not Polish - why not talk for your self lmao
    im sure Polish can talk for him self ..:D
  19. sure i will when i feel like it he he ;)

  20. cool Gavin thanks for help oh I cant beat Larry my self hi is to Scary :rolleyes:

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