how can this happen

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Larry Skary, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. from my experiences to try communicate with you first and out from blue u call me names in private message lol .. i think You must be a special case .. :D
  2. Wrong again Para - I tried asking you many questions to help me with the game - you didn't even have the decency to answer - it was you who judged me. I have always tried to be the best help i can to others - you were clan with me for a long time - but not once when I was being constantly attacked did you help in anyway - so don't judge me again.
  3. no i never remember that u ask me to help with your game lol
    i have some talk to one of my clan members about some problem and we all cool at the end and than u show up and made up your own story about what was going on so i told u that its all done and i dont see why u jumped in .. well like i said all was fixed long time a go and You just wanted to know what we were doing and call me and Gavin bad names thanks to your own imagination you belive what you just made up lol
    that was the case and i was bit shocked how much stuff you can make up in 5 min :D :confused:
  4. Interesting Thread. :D
  5. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    just wondering

    they say KARMA gets you in the end lol oh Para it was you that declanned me without warning and started axe slapping me for no reason so KARMA will get you too
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  6. I've wondered the same thing myself. Heard he jumped ship and went over to Pirate Clan though in his wake that Celtic sausage guy is being allowed to live for much too long and that's just a shame...

    Indeed, we need more like this. Breathes life into the forum.
  7. day it will come back at you - coz I still have the emails!! So say what you like - Myself and the clan member involved at the time know exactly what went on.
  8. the guilds were enemys for some time and you know that lol so u know why i remove PIMP guild from my clan and i did left message on clan feed 1 day before removing :p
  9. good work raf.. emails from your self ? LMAO
  10. Well that was an obvious response ' I don't remember' convienient - but thats always how it is with you - you chose to remember what you want to - and the only name I ever called you wa a bully - nothing more - nothing less. I stand by what i said. We all know you cannot play a battle on your own! Its funny coz the cat in this game can't either - some friend he turned out to be!!

    Well - you will be one less player to worry about soon - coz i am sick of all the macho crap!!
  11. Hi Raf did i start conflict with u ever? i remember one player ask me to add u back just because of long time clan member and i did add u back
    And still after that u removed me and also that player lol im sure u had a hard year and i will leave u alone .. just dont axe slap me or i will come back for my old rival and u know i love my rivals dead.. and u will have to call me bully again :D
    God help u and i Hope your life gets better .. don't take this game to personal .. we all just messing around there ..!
  12. Yeh you know why i declanned you too - or you choose not to - that seems the likely. Yes things have been damn tough for me lately - but that has nothing to do with the fact that you have changed your tactics and game play in a way that I dislike - my opinion - my choice - yes i know its a game - i have been saying that for many months - I will let you and you cronies build their egos!!! I won't axe you Para - even tho it made my day - and if I do...I really don't give a flying toss what you do! coz I just press that magic button and hey presto - I'm back in the game!!! Lmao!!!
  13. I have spent a few days not attacking you in any way - God I am itching to just really get on your nerves lol!!! - So just so everyone knows....Rafortas Back!! Watch your ass!!! lmao!!!
  14. ok Just Killed player two times with axe slap and still attacking him from rivals list
    so i say axe kills don't count .. thread quastion ''How can this happen'' is resolved :D
  15. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    Its nice to know that just because you say so its resolved para glad you got it fixed for the chosen ones ty
  16. lol i guess you never did have chance to test that one on smaller players :eek:

    why dont you email Kano and find out easy way :D
  17. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    unlike you and your guild and leveling partner i dont go around attacking smaller players
  18. well me 2 just guild enemy and my rivals from my rivals list .. and you on my rivals list You to funny Larry
  19. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    funny how you never attack player above you when they take you off the bounty list your so afraid of them lmao
  20. Larry the same story again lmao i think i did show two times that i can win some one 700 levels or 1000+ levels higher so im 100% confident that im doing great at my level
    so say what you want - the truth is out there he he .. i will show my respect to player who can beat me from 700 or 1000 levels down ;) but im sure u will find something else

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