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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Larry Skary, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    I recently attacked a higher level on bounty and as i knew he attacked me back in doing so he killed me and i healed and he was able to continue attacking it is my understanding that after he had killed me he was not suppose to be able to attack me im wondering how he managed to do this
  2. Oh Larry, stop that crying!! You and your guild of thugs do that to me all the time,I dont cry about it..hehe Man up,set counters and play..
  3. Yea i remember some similar thread complain that top- player attack some 1000 levels down from blue sky Lol ..
    Battle system is strange.. here must be some bug or code going around .. just need find who is doing that ...
  4. how big is the level difference?i think if its something between 200 and 300 levels your in range depending how high a level you are.
  5. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    just wondering

    he is almost 1200 levels higher than me and john im not crying i was asking how this is possible and trying to get an answer it is in VC btw
  6. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    just wondering

    and just so you know You were attacked by Gavin Egil with a Battle Boost of 5%.
    You lost the Battle losing 0 coins.

    12 seconds ago delete is still able to attack me i feel this is not what the rules say and just wonder how he is able to do this thank you
  7. Quake

    Quake New Member

    lol gavin go figure don't look for any help here larry sorry for your problem
  8. Dolly

    Dolly New Member

    wow. When 1st and 2nd players attack me (who are almost 2,000 lvls above me) I have to suck it up and say nothing. Guess the boss of your guild, Larry, hasn't disciplined you guys to do the same. I remember you in particular taking jabs at me. Life is a strange circle of events isn't it? Now I imagine Eddie/Luv/Pimpn (The Legend in his own mind) will have to weigh in) LMAO. If you don't know the how the game works by now, you don't know Jack. lol
  9. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    just wondering

    I do know what i read here and after someone is killed by the attacking person all attacks except for axe slaps and bounties are to end if you dont know that try reading the rules
  10. OMGosh, can't Larry ask a legitimate questions without cats and dogs poking fun at him? He has a legitimate concern regarding an apparent glitch in the game. (Or is that glitche, lol)

    If you attack a player who is out of your range, once he kills you and you haven't attacked him/her again, they should no longer be able to attack you. But that seems to be exactly what's happening. Yes, they can axe slap you or list you, but attacks should cease unless you attack them again.

    As for you, Dollllllly, that is the rule I have to play by. I only attack you when you are foolish enough to attack me first. Otherwise, as you WELL know, I cannot attack you.

    Now, Kano, here is my question for you. Why does a player over the level of 2K need protection from anyone? They certainly should know what they are doing by then and there are too many regulations in this game in my opinion.
  11. More Help here
  12. i fully agree with reason for any protection for anyone over level 2000.
  13. Lady Jewels

    Lady Jewels Member

    Yes, attacks stop when killing an opponent lower in lever then yourself. For those unaware of this fact, perhaps they are the ones who need to be checked for the issue. For the rest of us, we are no longer able to continue making attacks. Funny...that anyone would be unaware of that.
  14. Hi That sounds good ...Good luck 2000+ :D
  15. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Wow this topic has been covered before... how quickly we forget...

    just check out this thread.

    and I don;t believe there was any mention on the 24hr period stopping when the opponent was killed, in fact I believe you can kill/bounty as much as you want in the 24hr period.

    And for those who say it's a glitch... it's been like this for a long time... straight 24 hrs to retaliate as much as you want.... Plus, no names, Level 4000+ you know you can attack for 24 hrs even if you kill/bounty.... and the started is in your guild so why not advise correctly.

    The thread should clear all questions... now read up before you post...

    Finally the forum has become just a Qand A, no banter or fun anymore... VC??? to bad... Now I'm back to a much more unbiased game...
  16. there is indeed mention of death in there
  17. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    yup, your right... death is mentioned...

    this must have changed as your able to bounty as much as you want while the player is on your rivals page.... and this has been going on since the above was changed... so there may have been another change or the above death statement wasn't clear.

    Anyway 24hrs should be 24hrs to retaliate in any manner... as uppers can't just attack lower levels anytime like the lower level can. And there is a warning that says attacking higher level opens you up for retaliation.

    if the 1 death and that's it were true, then wouldn't that rival be removed from your rivals page once you bountied or killed the opponent.
  18. Actually, both 4k+ players are experiencing the same thing. We can attack for 24 hours, UNLESS we kill. Then we can no longer attack, we are back to slaps and bounties only.

    So, guess I do know what I'm saying. Thank you for your suggestion to read up, but this is the reality we both experience.

    Our guild members tell us they experience the same restrictions, so it isn't a matter of not informing them, it's reality for us. Too bad you don't appear to have to play by the same rules.
  19. or its a glitch perhaps?

    im sure theres alot that would like to see a straight 24hr window for retaliation.
    there is that warning on the page of higher levels your right.

    it never removed them from rival page but attack button wasnt available.and if lower than i think level 300 couldnt even bounty them.could axe slap em though.
    if theyre level 300+(least im pretty sure thats the level)then you could still list em regardless.
  20. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    just wondering

    as i have stated earlier i fully expected to be attacked the question was why is he able to continue attacking when he killed me i fully expected the axe slaps and bounty listings which is always done but the attacking should have stopped i see he isnt gonna stop because he is still attacking altho he has killed me once already so i wonder how he can by-pass that and attack
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