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    Hi everyone,

    Players from across our gaming communities have been asking us to host fundraisers for a while, and I’m happy to say that this holiday season we’ll be doing just that!

    Starting on Monday, December 12th at 10am and going until Friday the 16th at 6pm, the Toy Dart Gun will be available for purchase with FP. For every Toy Dart Gun sold a percentage will be donated to Child’s Play, an organization that helps children through play.


    Since 2003, Child’s Play has been improving the lives of sick children and their families by providing video games, toys, and other fun stuff for kids to the hospitals, therapy facilities and support houses where they stay. These donations give kids the opportunity to enjoy age appropriate entertainment, interact with peers, friends and family, and offers a much needed distraction from what generally is an unpleasant experience.

    We’re hoping that together across all our communities we can raise a lot of money and help a lot of kids!

    For more information on Child’s Play please visit their website http://childsplaycharity.org/.
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    loooooove it <3
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  4. Awesome work! I love it!♥♥☺☺♥♥
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    Nice will have to get one for the kids
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