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  1. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    Id just like to say with the current events, in a real sitution if a hit was placed on a person in life...

    Lets say that person found out there was a hit on theem, so they killed themself...
    According to this, i would then decide to throw away all of that money that i was going to pay to the person who listed them. This is obviously completely unreasonable...

    But overall in my opinion the entire hitlist seems like a complete rig, it could do with a lot of redesigning, but how could we do this while keepin everything fair for all of the old players? You cant.

    I believe that possibly a small % attack boost should be given to all players attacking a greatly higher level player on the hitlist.

    Another idea is that a small % defence boost could be given to someone who is on the hitlist being attacked by someone who is much higher level then them

    All in all the hitlist is just a light that flashes on and off until something big lands on it which sits there for a few hours and halts all progress, it could use a bit of work
  2. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    Why should a boost be given to someone attacking a higher level on the hitlist?

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    Oh come on lower level... why do you guys need so much help to beat higher level??? grow up and improve your character! do you think all these higher level come suddenly out of nowhere??? they have spent a lot of time making their character strong.. this hitlist boost is ridiculous..if 5% vaccine boost is not enough, guess its time to upgrade your attack ;)
  4. increase your health and attack for more damage

    a boost like this is unfair

    even if it did happen it wouldnt take long for it to get reverted
  5. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    Im just saying that a player who is level 500 or lower even, could get a small boost against a level 2000 guy
  6. just saying whats most likely to happen

    i see where your coming from but it'll get probably just as much if not more controversy then the bounty trap poll right now and also reallocating skill points.
  7. Ace

    Ace Member

    I'd like to say this isn't real life. This is a game. Zombies don't exist, and you don't revive in real life by clicking a "Heal" button.

    There are plenty of medium-sized people such as myself that don't die in a nanosecond but can't sit there for long. I've seen lots of low-levels take my bounty, and of course most times it's the strong guys, but that's the point on being strong. I'd have a benefit from these boosts you're planning, but I think it's unfair for the higher levels.
  8. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    No doubt the bounty system could use a bit of a tweaking but not for the reasons u suggested, your idea of a boost for ither party is simply ridiculous.

    Why on earth would u want to level the playing field between low and high leveled players? What would be the point of leveling ones account to make it stronger if battle results would be handicapped? Hell if that was the case i would have just stayed a lower level.

    There r already things in place (and wrongfully so i might add) to level the playing field when it comes to bounties as well as other gaming actions. The more annoying ones would be the "bounty delay" and that higher leveled player having their true strength handcuffed when hitting the lower levels
  9. clubber

    clubber Member

    Maybe an attack boost bar on history fight list should do it, but NOT on hitlist page.
  10. either im misreading his post or you are....

    i think what hes saying is that lower levels should automatically gain a free boost against higher levels on hitlist

    i simply dont see it happening or if it does itll most likely get reverted
  11. clubber

    clubber Member

    I misread it, still what I said... its a good idea. :)) sorry.
  12. RainSunGone

    RainSunGone Well-Known Member

    no boosts, it should be difficult to get high level bounties...
  13. He's prolly suggesting that little boost since he's one of those energy freaks with 13 trillion dollars and can't beat a LICK on ZS. This isnt Real Life its a game. And if you want a boost get a boost before you try to catch people on the hitlist... You dont get extra boosts.
  14. Genevieve Fay

    Genevieve Fay Member

    I've said it before and got flamed and I dont care. I KNOW people are cheating to claim hits! I have no proof but some people have astronomical numbers on their stats....how does a level 400 have 10,000 hitlist kills in 200 days huh?
  15. one of a few possibilities

    A)they actively hunt

    B)theyre a illegal account(in which case send the link into support for investigation)

    C)they are informed a hit is going up and are waiting for it

    im sure theres more but those are the top 3 i can think of

    and 2 of those are legit strategies

  16. There has been alot of cheaters and still are, people with multiple accounts that have had 4 or 5 banned and yet still have multiple accounts playing, others that have been banned for cheating (heal bots, bots for catching) and they still play.. Others that take advantages for catching people

    All you can do is report them. and keep reporting them
  17. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    How about us high levels just quit the game so you sissy asses can have a free ride and not have to do any real work to level up??

    How about that one? My god...some of you people should just go play Farmville.

    If you want an attack boost to hit higher levels, use your share boost that adds 5%. If someone is attacking you on the hitlist that's a higher level, then don't heal.

    You are not going to win a fight against someone who is significantly higher in level than you are, and that is completely fair. If someone put in the time, energy, and even money to their account like some of us have.....they deserve to kick your tail.

    And all the Johnny Come Lately's can either SPEND MONEY like we did, or they can play and accept the fact they wont' be top dog without spending money or playing 20 hours a day.
  18. LOL, Lower lvls dont DESERVE a BOOST against a higher lvl ... You get what you deserve... A lower level and alot of them are alts going after high lvl catches.. you get NO BREAKS, NO BOOSTS, NO ADVANTAGE. Thats the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard...

    Give lower levels a boost... Pfft i think not. Since when is it that Lower lvls deserve to catch a Higher Level bounty more than ANYONE ELSE???

  19. Much props for the brilliant post...

    The funny thing about Bob supporting all this stuff... He's an Energy toon with 13 trillion in the bank... I find that really funny.
  20. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I thinks its been made pretty darn clear that some type of a boost on either end would be completely unfair as it would at least in part take away from what another player has worked so hard to obtain while rewarding another player for doing absolutely nothing.

    But lets just pretend that u got your wish and the lower levels got a small boost while attacking a high level player on bounty....What exactly has this accomplished other than wasting Kanos time and resources? Is a small boost going to help at all? I can sit on the bounty page all day long with all of the highest level player attacking me and not even break a sweat. If and when it ever comes to a point where 1 or a group of players can take me down against my will.....I will simply add to my defense and/or health....so what then...even more of a boost for the lower players?

    So now that lower levels have been awarded super human strength while attacking me on bounty....basically nullifying everything ive ever accomplished in the game...what do I get? A bumper sticker that reads "Im a sucker"...SWEEEEEEET!

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