Hitlist Price Adjustments (bullying)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Mar 31, 2010.

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    and a little bit more from the db where you players are.

    Charlotte Caroline Buxbom Rosenkjær So now we can get ingame messages too, and not be able to do anything about it?

    dany maniaque - 1 minute ago

    I laugh at your threats.

    dany maniaque is out of your experience range and cannot be placed on the hitlist.

    Scott Weeden

    Now we need a message that says '' I would if i could '' lol

    Kristof Schijns or "please punch me"
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    this is from another thread.

    Paul aka La Cosa Nostra
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    So Not Right and NEEDS FIXING

    This is out of control, I listed one level 500 at 8bill and then go to list hom again and its now 89bill for the 2nd. That is CRAP... SO now i have 3 strikes against me. 1st is i can have ANY lower level Camp on my page and nonstop chain me for hours if they want & I can ONLY attack them into the hospital maybe 4 attacks & Crap XP, 2nd if i blow up from a Rig or get listed by any level i lose about 3400xp which is OUT OF CONTROL.. 3rd was my only defense and you just screwed me out of that.. One list at 8 bill and the second is 89billion.. KANO you people are out of control.. YOu really have to make the game FAIR FOR EVERYONE ASAP. I have spent a good amount of my own money along with others i know to get to the top and all you do i SCREW us over & over. Just like MW1 you always screw the paying customer...

    Fixes, Make a 2 hour window for anyone that attacks a higher level mob. that is only fair with the changes you made so far..
    Get rid of this STUPID bounty not even doubleing. I mean 8bill-89bill for 2 listing..hahahaah you must be smoking something...
    Make health just somehwhat like MW1, So we can get better XP then this crap we have now.. I know you dont want to turn this into MW1, but a max of 203 and lose 3400xp is NUTS!
    Plain & Simple, when you make a change you NEED TO THINK OF EVERYONE in the game. Not one or two crybabie that emailed you about dying.. They lose almost nothing for XP and can get one death back in 3 attacks....
  3. HarleyQueen

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    a little bit more from the db:

    Kristof Schijns btw .. no point in posting on the forum either, they don't reply over there, just like on the DB's

    Charlotte Caroline Buxbom Rosenkjær
    I noticed. this game is turning out just like mobwars. what a waste of time and money


    Kristof Schijns only time for me, i smartened up after MW1


    if ppl felt they got listed to much, then maybe those ppl should play farmville instead. obviously this isn't the game for them
    this is a WAR game, give us back the WAR

    Tom Gill maybe kano would do something if everybody just left the game alone until he did?


    Kristof Schijns well i'll give it a few more days, if it's still the same crap then i'm selling my city and will boost someone's bounty out of proportion

    with the current increase in bounty i'll be able to list someone 3 or 4 times before running out of money

    Charlotte Caroline Buxbom Rosenkjær

    Ill give it a few days too, and thats it.

    summer is coming and who wants to spend time on a ruined game, when we can all sit in the sun and enjoy life and a cold beer :)
  4. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We have just made an adjustment to the hitlist multiplier that should bring the cost down quit a bit while still offering some price protection for excessive hitlists.

    Give the latest changes a play through and let us know what you think.
  5. The Whoorida

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    Just put it back to the way it originally was. I don't know who was complaining about excessive listings, but they must have been users that didn't understand all the mechanics because the old way worked well. That was one of the things you got right that old MW never could, all it needed was a greater loss of XP for getting listed.

    I'll bet the people complaining of excessive listings are the same people that complain about everyone having so many more mobs than them, because they simply don't understand how the game works.

  6. When does this go into effect as I noticed some people still have high bounties for their 2nd and 3rd listing. I know that their original bounty is not that high as I have listed them before and I am waiting to list them again..at a reasonable rate... :D
  7. don corleone 1980

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    lol .. i made a post 2 days ago about what I thought about the new change and it got deleted

    so this is how it works?

    if the feedback you get ain't good, you delete it?

    you guys are a joke
  8. Bounty Doubling

    The bounties Double so no one can afford to list anyone more the 2 times. IT STUPID.. Change it back like MW1 has.. Your bounty should be your income x 10.. or whatever MW1 has.. THIS CRAP is just dumb.. its always the people that either dont get the game or someone that chaines everyone and deserves to be listed that complain.. YOU KNOW this is a WAR GAME, Your supposed to kill and be killed.. attack and attack back. Even the Ambushes are stupid.. there will be a point where no one will attack each other ever, since all you have to do i ambush em.. Take that out too.. you had a good thing going when this game 1st came out, Now your ruining it like MW1.. Everyone took a damn survey?? What happened to that? Lets see the answers? The only thing you people care about is the Money, fine your running a businees, But we are your consumer and you SHOULD LISTEN or everyone will stop playing and you will lose more money everday just like MW1 has been doing.. That was an amazing game now it pretty much sucks.. and LCN is going down the same path...
  9. The Ice Queen

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    Paul, you can see the answers to the Survey here


    Eric has said on the DB that they will look at the results. Lets just hope they see what we wanted.
    I analysed the results.I went to every player (I didn't recognise anyway and didn't know their level) and wrote down 136 peoples levels in order to see what each tier wanted.

    45 people answered "Price doubles after each hitlist"
    42 people answered "Price is increased by the base amount each hitlist."
    48 people answered "Price is the base price no matter how many time the person is listed."
    4 people answered "Price is increase by 10 after each hitlist"
    2 people answered ""

    The people who wanted it to double were 90% under level 200. I can understand this.
    The Increase by base amount and stays the same were 90% over level 200.
    To me, this says "Free for all" over level 200. It's not like we can list the tossers under 200 anyway.
    Why can't it be different for different level groups? You did that with XP loss.....

    And the same for this one.
    What XP should you lose:
    40 people answered "5 x Max XP"
    59 people answered "2 x Max XP"
    26 people answered "10 x Max XP"
    3 people answered ""
    13 people answered "20 x Max XP"

    I am now in no hurry to reach level 1000 unless the XP loss is rectified.
    Again, the smaller levels are happy with the current loss, the higher levels want to be able to do actual damage with a hitlist.
    Or you may as well get rid of Bounties altogether.
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Hitlist Price adjustments have been moved to only impact the lower level players, higher level players will have the linear multiplier that was there previously. And I am being vague on the level on purpose, try hitlisting some rivals to try out the change.
  11. Rhenkle1

    Rhenkle1 Active Member

    I guess i am 1 of the few that it doesn't make much difference to. if i want them dead they are going to die 1 way or another. i will gladly spend 500 billion to list an idiot i feel needs to die lol.
  12. best is ask bigger friend mobs to help if he keep healing - so together can brake him up :D
  13. james

    james New Member

    i think the rigging cost on a higher lvl player from a low lvl should be based on the low lvl's income, it should only cost them what they make in an hour and inflate from there same as hitlisting cost..

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