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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by 245 Trioxin, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Something is wrong with the hitlist. Could be a glitch. When I try to kill someone from the hitlist that my faction has listed, the red Hit List button does not appear. Also I have had two people in my squad hit list KILL the same person at the same time. That has to be impossible. Please tweak the Hit List. Something is definitely wrong. If the ACTIVE HITLIST button does not show up then something is wrong. What is the problem?
    Thank you, 245 Trioxin :eek:
  2. Hello Tri, Yes sometimes there seems to be something wrong with the hit list. I personally listed a zombie player for my squad and two of my squad members collected on the same person. How is this possible?
    As a matter of fact, that has happened several times. Also, why does the ACTIVE HIT LIST button not show up when it should? My faction members will list an enemy and many of us will be sitting around clicking HITLIST over and over waiting for the hit list just to find that the ACTIVE HIT LIST button will not show up. It was particularly out of whack last night while many of us were playing. I do not think it has anything to do with any upgrades to the game. I am hoping that the problem will be fixed. Seems that somehow the Hit List could be tweaked enough to show the Active Hit list immediately and not 5 seconds later or as last night, not at all.

    Looking for feedback on this matter. It would be appreciated! Thanks & hope that everyone has a safe, happy & healthy Thanksgiving ;)
  3. Relentless

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    I've been hitlisting people and getting bounties without any problems. Haven't had any of the problems as said above.
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    yes it happenes sometimes 2 people will get the bounty, dont know how it works but it does from time to time.but other then that i havent had any problems either only when the internet is slow and thats not kano thats me. i think that may be more ur problem not kanos.
  5. The hitlist button not appearing I can't speak to, because I haven't noticed that issue.

    As for double bounty collection:

    My amateur programming guess would be it's database lag. It's always been there but this game is only recently experiencing the this sort of traffic. for instance once killed off the hitlist you see the final attack after the bounty was collected. Supposing somebody was spamming heal, they might heal up after the first bounty was collected, before the game registered the kill. Thus allowing a second person who was already actively attempting to collect the bounty, to get an attack in that would kill the target again. This would in theory allow both parties to collect the bounty before the system realized the bounty had been collected. IT would require a specific set of circumstances, and a fairly fast internet connection on all three players part.

    I would be very interested in seeing the feed of somebody who's had a double bounty collection. May prove quite telling.
  6. Relentless

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    When i've been on the hitlist an the pop up has said whoever has killed me, there have been times when i look at my feed and someone else got the kill hit and just about every time I get listed I will die then get attacked once more. Always thought that was weird.
  7. could just be a coding quirk too. it's not like I have access to their Server side PHP. I'm just taking guesses based off of what makes sense when viewed through what I know of the programming involved.

    Through that many filters, I could be a million miles off the mark. But it's my best guess on the issue.

    Only thing I can think of on the hitlist button not always appearing:
    Assuming your friends aren't telling you they listed somebody when they didn't.
    Perhaps third party software is interfering with it? But if it fails once is should fail multiple times. Programs typically work or they don't.... btw forgive me I'm trying to figure this out as I type....

    If no third party software is interfereing, IE you haven't used an editor to change the HTML in your favor, then perhaps you're not updating from the server, a dropped data packet between the server and your computer perhaps?? Actually I think dropped data packet makes more sense, but it wouldn't be with the frequency you're talking about.... or at least it shouldn't.... Something like that I'd say check your modem/router/ISP just to be on the safe side.

    really hitlist button not appearing sometimes, but working fine others, I just got nothing on, but perhaps my rantings help somebody more familiar with the code with this issue?
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