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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kendall, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. not really.it'll just involve strategy lol.traps working in this way would just make you think twice before bountying someone.i mean,youll have a 50/50 chance of either listing them or yourself.a trap is suppose to protect.
  2. yes gene we agree on one thing and one thing only and thats counter attacks working when listed.if theres that one rival you just dont want gettin your bounty and you got counters on em then they should work.
  3. Griff

    Griff Member

    I guess I shall third this idea.. Seems logical that if you have a counter set that it should work even when you are on the list.
  4. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    There are too many suggestions that benefit the person getting bountied. Seems to be one sided suggestions.

    Bounties need to do something to that person other then just kill them and lose a a couple exp. Bounties need to take away 1/2 a level at least.
  5. counters should work while listed but since on list no exp off them.hows that.
  6. a bit extreme taking half a level(specially level 1850 and higher on viking,level 2400 and higher on pirate and no idea on mob or zombie)maybe a fourth of a level.
  7. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    No 1/4th of a level is too lenient. The game focuses a lot on leveling, thats the only thing to do. So bounties need to be the opposite of that and PUNISH people, not just give them a slap on the hand.
  8. 1/3 of a level lol.i agree bounties need to take more exp than whats already being taken but half is still a bit too extreme.
  9. Griff

    Griff Member

    VC doesn't really do much to you for dying. It is nothing anymore. That's probably why the hitlist has ran almost dry these days. I noticed in Zombies that dying really sucks and it seems a bit more realistic in that you don't want to die~

    I'm not sure about what a fair amount of XP to lose would be in VC. Or a time-out of 5 minutes or so to keep them off you might be cool. As it is dying means squat really.Being on the dying side would suck but we all want to do more to our enemies than annoy them for a couple seconds then BOOM they are alive and back at ya.I'm just not sure what a fair punishment would be. Half a level sounds interesting.
  10. that 5 minute cool down sounds great.
  11. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    I say 1/2 to a 1 level loss should be good enough of a punishment. Like Griff said, bounties dont do s*** on vc. You kill, they just heal and its like nothing happened.
  12. ok on VC PC and maybe even MOB i could see it as being a good idea.
  13. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Well when someone ticks you off, don't you want to do more to them other then just bounty(lose money) and see them heal 3 seconds later?

    Hell, if people want to punish the person who sets the bounties more, why not just get rid of bounties completely so VC can be a fairy tale?
  14. bounty traps need tweaking as does death on bounty.both need to be tweaked a bit.my suggestion bout the trap placing the bountier on the list seems like a twist in the game. far as death while on bounty,sure lose half a levels worth of exp.that does seem fair now that i think bout it.
  15. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    That makes the bounty trap more powerful then the bounty itself.
  16. aye get rid of it......
  17. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    I too like the booby/bounty trap putting the player on the hitlist, will think on this one a bit.

    Counterattacks were working at one time long ago in VC on the hitlist but we decided (from feedback) to remove it, not sure the exact reasoning but remembered that it was a frequent support issue/compliant enough for us to make the change.

    Anymore thoughts?
  18. T5000

    T5000 Member

    Some of these ideas are great
    Some of these ideas would be a disadvantage on some games

    I can hear some screaming in here later the hitlists are dead
    They should be encouraged

    Maybe options in each game so you could implement many ideas... but choice
    for that particular game

    Kill the lister
    Kill the bounty taker
    Freeze the lister for x amount of time
    Freeze the bounty taker for x amount of time
  19. Griff

    Griff Member

    Thing is though we now have the counter limit and the old issue would be null. Back then someone could set 100 counters on everyone if they wanted.
  20. um when you set a trap you can pick to ether when they try to bounty fer the trap to kill them or to place them on bounty instead:D

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