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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by slave, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. slave

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    A little bit disappointed with the hired squad, you relegated strikers and defenders to second rate with pointmen, there will be no point in buying strikers or defenders now. you could have done so much more with hired squad, given stam boost, nrg boost, health boost, 5 second reduction in a particular timer, so many options and you chose brawler? and something to buy instead of strikers/defenders, so watch those sales drop right off the face of the earth, theres no longer any need to buy them.

    other stuff
    faction bosses - give us something we can collaborate on together as a faction, make it like a world boss but without all the extra xp every time you attack it, the basic xp you earn is fine, but not necessary to give join xp, make it very tough to kill it and give a faction wide bonus similiar to what you do for gps, if the faction can kill it, i think one week is the right amount of time. Dont limit the number of attacks, let it be unlimited, give a faction something they can be proud to knock off. it would be great to have achievements for this as well.

    faction wars - what is the holdup with this? it wouldnt take much code to assemble all the fight wins each week for a faction, hitlists won, hitlists listed, straight kills, among others, rank them and give out a prize for the dominant faction each week. Or the top 20, make the scoring simple, get 1st in a category and get 20 pts, second is 19 etc, and pick five or six categories and let us go...it will put more activity back into the game if faction members know their list is counting or thier bounty they recieve is helping....you guys have plenty of creative minds, put something together and quit wasting time on crafting (obsolete)and gifting (waste of time)

    new outbreaks - if your really serious about slowing down the energy players from completing all the outbreaks in 20 minutes, include some stamina in each outbreak, it doesnt have to be much, but it will stop them from running through a city in five levels, that is if your really serious about slowing them down......

    new achievements for bosses - time to up the ante and give us something to shoot for, make acheivements for level 50, level 100, level 500, level 1000. stop thinking in the now and look out over 12 months, we need to continue to do boss jobs after level 10 so put in a worthwhile acheivement to get them to those levels. you have done a good job with other achievments in setting a high bar that can not be acheived short term and gives people something to shoot for, that is good, (hit lists, fight wins) well done but now do it for the bosses.

    thats all for now
  2. alka

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    If they were serious about slowing Energy players why would they only give 30% Stam boost while keeping 100% Energy boost?
    The simple solution is to scrap Energy Boosts.
  3. slave

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    stamina boosts have been increased to 50 percent and are now inline with daily rewards

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