[LCN] Hired Guns Or Crates/Attack, Defense Items

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by MrSauce, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. MrSauce

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    Hello All,
    I've been playing MWs for a couple of days now and have reached level 143 mostly pumping 500 in to energy the rest into stamina (180). I bought the limited items that offer high attack and defense, and for the most part saved my FPs to but those items to dominate in fights. I am curious though as to why a lot of players say to use it strictly on hired guns. Does it matter? Which would be safest to go with HGs or weapons?

    Thanks for the advice,
  2. AXXO

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    First off, Happy new year..

    Why hired guns?
    your mob must consist 2000 mob (1000-friends 1000-hired guns) to fully equip all the items. each mobster carries 1 weapon, 1 armor, 1 vehicle on battles. I'd personally suggest finish off buying hired guns earlier as possible. logic is eventually number matters. Buying items is good if there are exceptional items. If I were you, I'd buy 2 weapons, 1 armor and 1 vehicle first and then I would save all the gf and money on 1000 hired guns. to get much stronger make some good high level friends and exchange your small xp bosses with them, in return you will receive good high level bosses. boss drops are the easiest way to get strong in beginning stage. of course don't forget to do calendars, there will be 3 calendars and it will give you 7 items a month if you complete. then once you have full mob and allocated your skills in a good way you can start doing, raids.

    What happen if I only buy weapons?
    at the long shot, you will become weaker without 1000 hired guns.

    Any other way?
    ;) use your credit card, lol

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  3. MrSauce

    MrSauce New Member

    Thank you, really appreciate the advice.
  4. AXXO

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    and don't forget to add attack and defense too.

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