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    i'm not sure how it would help today, but i know when i started 8 years ago or so, I crafted a lot of things and i outdistance and beat those that were almost a thousand levels higher than me becuz the items they did buy, were crap and i just out crafted what they bought each month. about three or four years ago was when i bought my first item, and now I do buy a lot of stuff, but I also craft a lot more items when i am able to craft, but at my level now, over 10000 levels, there's not a lot to craft. actually only two items left that I can craft.
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    EXCELLENT info here...Thank you very much to the author and ALL the other contributors. 5 star rating for sure! :)
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    Currently working on a complete listing of all blueprint items and boss drops. Possibly other sheets as well. About 2/3 of the second sheet is similar to the one with pictures by easy to remember and I did get the info from exham from there. It also includes owner and random boss drops however. I also got referred to his post several times. If anyone would like to use the spreadsheet and/or fill in missing info, please feel free to do so.
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    Thank you!!!
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    Ty for this.
  6. Can you help me? a I am not near the level yet to know what or where this item is? Brotherhood Assassin Gear? do you know where it is when it becomes available and what its a and d is? pleas and thank you in advance :) asking for a friend :)
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    minimum damage palermo coop boss drop. Illuminati It is on the second page of the spreadsheet in my signature. 23 att/ 27 def.
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    Not only have I added a world boss tab I made an easier link to the spreadsheet. http://tinyurl.com/LCNsheet Feel free to view it, use it, and fill in any missing info especially in the blueprints and challenge tab.

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