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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Angel, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Angel

    Angel Member

    this is the third time, I have this issue. I set the Helper maximal damage before I ask for the help, and every time there a some people passing this limit. If it would be some points passing, but if there is a limit of 180500 dmg and a helper makes a damage of 584896 dmg is it way too much.

  2. Genevieve Fay

    Genevieve Fay Member

    I know that I'm not able to do this much damage in a single attack but maybe these people passing the limits have huge health stats 50k(I dunno why anyone would want that much health theyd have to sacrifice all their pvp stats and some energy and stamina too), I can do 100k to 150k damage with 10k health I'm not really sure how the math works and if for example the limit was 180k and this person had the ability to do 400k in a 20 stamina hit..they might get the idea to do 5 stamina hits until they get as close as possible to the limit than suddenly hit with a 20 stamina hit and go way past the limit.
    that might explain that huge number
  3. Angel

    Angel Member

    you might be right. Than they shouldnt be able to make 20 Stamina attacks when there is a limit set IMO
  4. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    Exactly as you explained - some players do 1 or 5 stam attacks until they get close to the max damage limit then they do a 20 stam attack pushing their damage over the limit set.
  5. Angel

    Angel Member

    is there a possibility to unable the 20 stamina hits in bossfights with limits? otherwise the whole thing is quite pointless
  6. I disagree.

    Yes some players are getting over the limit, but does that really have any impact at all on you, your life, or even your game? No it doesn't. I've been using the limits on bosses I only want unlocks for. Towlie managed to do a full 1Million damage on a boss with a limiter set at around 300k. Do you think Kano got a message from me complaining? No they certainly didn't, I just laughed, clapped, cheered towlie on and went about my game.

    If you are going to be so anal retentive so as to not allow anyone to go past a limit you set on your boss.... DON'T SHARE IT!!! Only give the link to people who will abide by your request, and or desquad anyone who goes over the limit.

    IF you want to talk about negatives of the damage limiter, I was recently asked to nuke a boss by one of my guild members in VC. Problem was that he'd set the limiter, not expecting his modem to stop working a day later. Without internet access he could not get online to remove the damage limiter, and nobody in the boss fight could finish the boss for him. Luckily he managed to get to the library a few minutes before it closed, removed the limitation, and asked for help. I was able to nuke his boss down for him and save everyone else in the boss fight from wasted time and stam.
  7. if that happened

    youll find less helping in bosses with limits

    most likely causing ya to have to beat it yourself
  8. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Yep, the limit is also quite a risk. There are enough players who set limits on their bosses and then walk away from them for days and the helpers lose out on the kill rewards in the end. I personally am very wary to join players that have limits set in place and did already forget about bosses.
  9. thats one reason why i agree with i THINK towel

    that once boss is close to expiring

    limit should disappear

    so someone can rush in and save it
  10. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it was Toweleieee who made this suggestion.
  11. What about those that don't forget it?

    I Declanned one genetic reject a couple of days ago because on his level 35 Hel boss, he had the damage limiter set as low as it could go, and had only done 22k damage to it himself.... 22,000!!! on a boss over 15Mil 1 attack according to the summary. 40 others attacked the boss, did more damage than the challenger, but in the end, few of them got any random drops, and nobody got any kill rewards.

    Now I can only assume this was done intentionally. This player Wanted to get people into his boss, and let it expire. Because the player was not inactive for even a single day during the boss fight. Claiming bounties, getting achievements, recruiting for his guild, even complaining about somebody he couldn't beat.

    Much as I am loathe to say it, shouldn't those inclined to such foolishness be able to do so?
  12. Angel

    Angel Member

    I am talking about the limit in boss fights, not about my real life oO and yes of course it has an impact on the game if the limit is not really a limit, when everybody can pass it... than I can forget about it. I set limits for unlocks, but how to get them if the boss is dead before? pointless
  13. Perhaps you should have read my whole post instead of the brief snippit you posted. Then perhaps I wouldn't have to repeat myself. Luckily the miracles of internet technology allow me to do exactly that without having to retype it for those with a learning aversion

  14. Angel

    Angel Member

    I read your whole post, dude. But why should I give the link to some people, when there is a limiter? Your nice red sentence is as pointless as a limiter which everybody can easyly pass.

    uähhhh *cry cry cry...*
    if the game really have any impact on your life, you should stop playing.
  15. As suspected, intelligent discourse with those who have a learning aversion is impossible. The continual, and frankly disappointing, attempts to twist simple statements into a context allowing for them to feel justified is an annoyance at worst, humorous at best. The real challenge is that those with a learning aversion simply can't comprehend that their premise is so flawed that nothing they do will justify their original statements.

    For instance the Original Poster (OP), is complaining about a few points of damage over the limiter they have set on their boss. (Few being relative to the Max Health of the boss) The OP expects everyone to read this statement ("The limiter doesn't work because people can pass it") and agree blindly. The learning aversion becomes revealed with the OP is offered other scenarios within the context of their premise (Difficulties with the Limiter), and finds they are completely unable to defend their position with any sort of rational or logical statements. Since their position is indefensible they are offered two choices: First they can re-evaluate their Original Premise and learn from the new perspective, or second they can resort to idiotic and inane attempts to insult those offering the new information, the old fall back, "If you don't like the information, attack the presenter of the information."

    Hence the "Learning Aversion" the disdain or hatred of learning.
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  16. Angel

    Angel Member

    I just reported a bug, nothing more, and it is not just a few points, if someone can do 3 or 4 times more damage, than limited. If you want to diskuss the pro and contra of a limiter, do your own thread in the diskussion forums.
  17. it was said in the official developer thread that it wont stop anyone from going over

    just once over they cant hit anymore
  18. Too bad the OP's learning aversion prevented them from noting that in one of the original replies.
  19. Angel

    Angel Member

    Just want to say I really appreciate that you fixed the limit :) Thanks!
  20. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    Thanks Angel. Glad to hear that you like the change!

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