Help Death Comes Quick To My Foes Level 721 get Hes game Back

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  1. Help Death Comes Quick To My Foes Level 721 to Get hes Viking Clan Game back !!!

    ok hes acct was frozen up for almost a week now he was fast leveling player on VC Game
    and he had some problems with some players and i belive that he got mass reports by organised member activity - on hes profile

    so thats why hes acct is frozen up if thats not true than can developers give him email back or explain why he cant play and point out reason why hes acct got frozen up

    so far he said that he email 5 emails and no reply from developers !?

    so im asking not only for him but for my self and im sure other players want to know what happen !!! why? i belive this can happen to anyone !!!

    so please support this thread by sending commets and asking developers to get hes Viking Clan game back ;)

    Thank You Jack
  2. Franchiz Ho Slayer

    Franchiz Ho Slayer New Member

    Yeah!! Give my man his clan back!!!
  3. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    As I've posted before I have seen DCtMF's on a lot and he IM's and in game messages a lot. Yes he's dedicated and is good for the game, with good game play. Definitely not using a bot. I see him as a avid game player and would be a great promoter of the game. Yes bring him back.
  4. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Well Thank you Para for the accusations again. But I have stated before, I nor anybody else reported him. I would support your thread, but your such a dick throwing accusations around based on superstitions.
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  5. Danny Ray Olvir

    Danny Ray Olvir New Member


    I too have leveled up with DCQTMF. We always chat as we play, i never noticed any auto heal in regards to his account. He's a nice guy who likes to play this game. This game is based on attacking the weak link, he's just good at the game. Should those he has upset by attacking be allowed to have him removed. Am i next? Are you??
  6. did i say some names on this thread ???? :mad: you just jumped out and call me names??!! please keep your paranoid mood in your head !!!!
    and thanks for setting counter attacks one me Mr Eddie lmao

    thanks everyone for support :cool:
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  7. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    You did not have to say names. He ran into problems with me, so you are saying I reported him.
  8. general Thread !!!

    so far i dont have proof so i cant say that was you and i know that was not only you who didnt like him so this thread is about general idea what can be and its not all about you lol
    so cool down Viking he he :D


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