Hellfire Chariot, Skymaiden, Aurora Knight and Stonepillar Axe Blacksmithing tips!

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  1. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    Hellfire Chariot:
    The Hellfire Chariot requires two unique items to craft.

    The Skymaiden requires two unique items to craft.

    Aurora Knight:
    The Aurora Knight requires three unique items to craft, one of the three items is a gift.

    Stonepillar Axe:
    The Stonepillar Axe requires three unique items to craft, one of the three items is a gift.

    ** Note ** Multiple items of each unique item type may be required. For example the sacred well is a unique item(gift) but you may need two of them to create a secret item. Watch the output message because if you do not have enough of one item type you will be told you got unique items right but you need more of one of the unique items to successfully craft the item.
  2. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Hellfire Chariot was already solved.
    It uses 50 Fire Wingsuits and 50 Fire Chariots.

    What we NEED is hints on the Under Giant!!!
  3. blackandy

    blackandy New Member

    and the under giant?

    what is it?
  4. waldo1984

    waldo1984 Member

    Well, you've heard of the Underpants Gnomes, right? They're the little guys who sneak into your house at night and steal your underwear.*

    The Under Giant is their king.

    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnomes_(South_Park)
  5. jbumpy33

    jbumpy33 New Member

    I know the skymaiden recipe looking to trade information on other recipes
  6. blackandy

    blackandy New Member

    and what is it?

    i'm intrested if you have an hi5 account tell me what to do
  7. jbumpy33

    jbumpy33 New Member

    I'm on Facebook what you have to trade
  8. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    The POINT of these forums is to SHARE any and all hints/solutions. I found out the Hellfire Chariot recipe (second to do so) and shared it (after a discussion on whether crafting it was a good idea).
    If people like you stop posting and hoard this information, others will see no point in posting THEIR trials publicly here. I'm pretty sure I speak for the vast majority when I say, "Stop being such a selfish idiot!"
    Oh, and I can't craft the Skymaiden even if I knew the recipe, so I will not benefit for a long time....until I CAN craft the darn thing.
  9. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Do they steal socks, too? Gnomes are little, but then we only have the 3 Giants that I know of....

    I award you +10 internets for your clever lolz
  10. jbumpy33

    jbumpy33 New Member

    I'm not being selfish if I was I would.say nothing about knowing it it will be shared. Trying to get info from people that don't share so enjoy being rude
  11. blackandy

    blackandy New Member

    i'm on hi5

    if you have an account tell me what to do for you lvl 1600
  12. Skadi

    Skadi New Member

    Sky Maiden Recipe

    2 Goddesses + 1 Sacred Well. I uploaded a pic from the success of the new item. Have a great day/night and enjoy the hunting Vikings!

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  13. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Pretty Sure I've Already Said This

    jbumpy, first of all I can't understand what you are saying. Please use recognizable grammar in your sentence structure.
    Second: don't be an ass. You know a recipe, SHARE IT.

    The Skymaiden uses 2 Goddesses and 1 Sacred Well.
    There, simple. I knew a recipe; I shared it.
  14. jbumpy33

    jbumpy33 New Member

    I was sharing it for your info. And was going to post it. Was using the recipe to get the undergaint one for it would get posted also. But you seem to enjoy being rude on here. So have fun making your little remarks. Hope it makes you feel smart.
  15. Jme

    Jme Member

    JBumpy, stop your crying, or at least stop posting it. You are being a rude ass, and he's absolutely right. The act of posting an offer to trade information is, in itself, a declaration of your intent not to share it with anyone but the one who meets your terms.

    And when you get to school on Monday, son, pay more attention in English
  16. jbumpy33

    jbumpy33 New Member

    Lol because I have a grammar learning problem you going to use it to pick on me. Will had it my whole life so it doesn't upset me anymore. Well so much for trying a different way of helping out.
  17. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    PLEASE don't pull that card. Oh, you want to go there? I see your "grammar problem" and raise you one "official learning disability". Yes, I have official psychologist documentation to prove it. No, I will NOT share it with you; I have no need to. No, I do not have ADD or ADHD or even dyslexia; what I have is worse.
    And yet I still manage to use proper grammar and be respectful of people who don't agree with me.

    You, my good sir (or ma'am), are now in "troll-land." I can tell because whenever someone points out that you are wrong, you protest that it is "not your fault and why is everyone picking on the poor little kid?". You have, what...nine?, posts thus far. How are we supposed to know what kind of person you are? I will NOT make value judgements on a person's integrity (that is related to honesty, truth-telling, and carrying out promises...look it up) until i get to know them.
    I am "picking on you"? I said that I did not understand you. Then I explained why I did not understand you. After that, I suggested how you could change that so other people can understand you.

    Anyways, THIS thread is for figuring out Viking Clan hidden recipes, NOT for you to drag your real-life issues.
  18. mikeyg

    mikeyg New Member

    thank you for sharing
  19. Icy Phoenix

    Icy Phoenix New Member

    SkylerF your rant is inappropriate, certainly it looked like a selfish action of jbumpy33 in the beginning but as it turned out he/she wanted to get information for all of us and maybe it would have even worked. The Under Giant is a stone in our shoes for far too long, every way to get us the recipe is worth a try. Thank you for your effort SkylerF, also thanks to jbumy33 and all the others who have shared. Unfortunately I got no new information which hasn't been posted so far.
  20. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Thank you for critiquing me on your first post ever in the KANO forums.
    As I had already said, I do not know jbumpy33, so how could I predict what he/she was planning? Only afterward did jbumpy33 claim noble intentions. By that time, he/she had reverted to petty insults. I did not respond; Jme did. Then jbumpy33 pulled the "I have a disability, pity me" card and I responded.
    Icy Pheonix, do you have a "disability"? Do you have any family with a serious learning problem? If you did, you would understand why other "disabled" people hate that excuse. Yes, we know we are not "normal". Yes, we know we may not be nearly as smart as "normal" people. But we do not harp on it at every opportunity we get. We try to get others to see us for *us* and not for whatever "problem" we have. Whining and demanding that others bend over backward to accommodate us is rude, selfish, and dishonorable. Anyone confined to a wheelchair recognizes the importance of ramps as well as stairs, but do they demand to be ferried about in a golden throne all day? No. Often (but not always) a "disability" prompts a fierce independence in the "afflicted." **NOTE** I have had many discussions with people who have all types of "disabilities," including Down's Syndrome, Asperger's Syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders, and cerebral palsy. We are in agreement; I am passing along our collective perspective.
    If my "disability" causes a problem, I try to explain it. Otherwise, why do I need to announce that I am "different"? Why should I feel that I need their pity?

    Icy, I suggest you get in contact with Joni & Friends, a group that tries to raise awareness of people who are not necessarily "normal". But since that is a group in the United States located near me and may not be within your range, contact groups such as Autism Speaks.

    A rant? If a "rant" is defined as a logical argument intended to pass along my rationale, then yes, I was ranting.
    EDIT: And STILL ranting, now that I consider it.
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