[LCN] Hardest Punch Tab!

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by USMC General Cervasio, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Lil Jonny

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    Also, in FB lcn the highest bounty hunter is a level 2k.. kinda proving my point that you don't need to be the highest level in the game to hunt affectively.

    In a punch competition it would come down to the highest level wins because they have more skill attributes and obviously gonna have more health.

    like i said in my 1st post if punches was a lot more random throughout all levels then great a punch leader-board would be awesome and fun but as of right now it would be too predictable. If you are a high level yourself then you'll know the players around you.. who has high health who has high attack/defence.. you could single handedly write down the leader-board for punches in 5mins.
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  2. Fusheng

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    yeah thats a fair comment Johnny

    on another note the most fights won should maybe not be on there
    as some use level partners so thats unfair advantage to those who only boss battle
    i suppose there is always going to be for and against lol
    what do others think about the top awards for etc
  3. Maler

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    10 stars from me.

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