[VC] Guild Wars over England, France,Spain,Egypt.. etc

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by ParashuramaBloodAxeLegend, May 21, 2016.

  1. hi Kano and Players
    I love Guild wars and i understand that Viking do attack each other once in the Season to get all the crops or gold from other country's, But i have on Idea how about Viking that take over England or France or any other country and other Viking guilds try to take away and rule the country ?
    For example its like this there is England Guild wars start and there is 20 guilds to join the English Vikings and 20 Guilds can join Norway Vikings and than Wars begin and each group will have defence , attack and health from all other guilds that join the group and will be similar battle like normal wars 20 Guilds attack 20 Guilds .. or 15 guild attack 15 guilds.. some like that and will be 1 day battle and the Winner will get % extra gold and energy , or on usual battle drops from that country ..etc.. and next Country Guild wars will start all over again from scratch.. all guilds will join one side or the other side who joins first will hold the spot of England or France or Spain .. could put this wars between normal wars .. what you think?


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