[VC] Guild Wars is Coming to Viking Clan Soon!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Sep 11, 2013.

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    Chieftains, assemble your Guild, because we're bringing Wars to Viking Clan! This structured, multi-day event pits Guild versus Guild in a winner-take all battle. This is a Beta run for Guild Wars so once this event starts we'll be collecting your feedback for the next run. Stay tuned here for announcements on when the join lobby will be open for registration!

    As a side note, we're aware that there's already a feature named "War" in Viking Clan. Guild Wars is completely separate from the existing War feature as it's a multi-day event focused on pitting the combined strength of your Guild against another as opposed to being comprised of a sequence of "seasons".

    *This will be available on Facebook and Kano Play Server 2 only for now.
  2. mi7ch

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    Here's the Help document so you can brush up before the lobby opens:

    The Guild leader or officer can register a Guild for a War, once registered other members can join. Your Guild must be two weeks or older to join.

    Guilds are placed in Division tiers A through E (A being the top skilled Faction). Your division tier is calculated by your total Guild skills (top 15 members) against all others in the war.

    Guild strengths are calculated from the top 15 joined Guild members which all contribute to the Guilds attack / defense / health. If you do not have more than 15 members you will take the stats of all registered members. Once the war begins the stats are saved for the duration of the war. When initiating a battle each player is equipped with the strengths of their Guild along with their individual armed attacks strength which contributes to their minimum damage against. Attacking another Guild will use Stamina and War Tokens. Keep your health up by healing to maximize the War Points received on attacks, if your health drops you may see slightly lower War Point rewards.

    Battle Perks
    Along with taking your total Guild strengths into battle, there is also some variability added in each attack using the following Perk.
    Attack - Minimum Damage Bonus - The greater percentage of skills in attack and your armed attack is the more minimum damage you will do to a target.
    Defense - Energy Heal Bonus - The greater percentage of skills in defense and your armed defense the more you can heal your Guild.

    Battle Rewards
    Players will receive XP, War Points and random Battle Drops for attacking target Guilds. The amount of War Points are dependent on a win/loss or kill. War points are further modified by a couple other factors, the division of the target Guild and how many kills you've had against the target Guild. The division bonus is greatest at Division A Guilds. The kill bonus degrades the more times you kill the same Guild.

    Deaths and Respawning
    When your Guild health is reduced to zero you die and go into a 15 minute respawn wait time. During this time you cannot heal or attack other Guilds. Deaths also has a price, you will lose your War Points reward from your last kill.

    Players will be allowed to spend War Tokens to heal their Guild and will get XP for each heal action. Your Guild can heal a total of 400 times over a 1 hour period (since the first heal occurred). Heal allocations will replenish if you respawn or the 2 hour period completes.

    Leaderboard Rewards
    The top 20% of Guilds will be rewarded with the currently listed rewards. Guild War trophies are planned for a future release.
    Ending a War
    The Guild war ends when the timer runs out. Guilds will be ranked by War Points and will be listed on the leaderboard accordingly.[/B]
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    Thanks but no thanks. Ive had my fill of trying new things you guys come up with only to find they are not what u claim they will be or they just get butchered to the point its unbearable. Let me know when u guys decide to let us play our accounts to their fullest potential or u rid the game of its cheats rather than just their mini accounts. Maybe when u guys get a handle on some of that stuff I'll be willing to try something new again.
  4. Demonik1

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    how are the tiers figured? or more to the point, when? can a low tiered guild join and be pitted against other low guilds and then have a couple higher level players join the guild making them way stronger than the other?
  5. Dexter E Hunter

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    Another fiasco looming

    Why don't you guys just give all the rewards to the top players now & save yourself the job of introducing this to the game.
  6. JADES

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    Will give it a shot, but being highest defense I know where my tokens going while online.
  7. bully thor

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    im not the sharpest tool in the shed but im confused i read 15 members so does that mean you got to have 15 members in your guild to enter or can a guild with 1 enter and if so how would that work,
  8. Linda

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    Bully, I joined the PC one , not intentionally and my armada has two members and only I had entered so yes, in the PC one the leader had to sign up the armada( me), in your case , your guild, and then each member had to sign up, well I believe that is how it worked , since I saw the public feed and people joining individually after their armada leader entered their group.
  9. Linda

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    Demonik, what I observed in PC , is that new armadas were being made, using all kinds of level of players, but it has to be two weeks before the war starts. Seems most like it , once they got use to the 300 tokens being used fast but the idea is to do it as a team, not one on one like the arena. The tokens do regenerate but it does takes time.
  10. bully thor

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    thx for reply Linda was just wondering as im only 1 in my guild lol, will wait and see when it comes out

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