Guild Wars is a Blast!

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  1. When Guild Wars came out there were no such restrictions. A level 10k *could* bounty a level 900 and get points for it. It wasn't until after the level 900's (and a few higher levels) said anything about it that that was changed. Don't tell me that RVV wasn't bountying them for points because I watched the whole spectacle unfold on my screen. Also, don't tell me you didn't get the call to hunt when it was about to happen. I haven't treated you like you're a moron so please afford me the same courtesy.

    BTW, I don't hit babies unless: 1) I slap them for clan support, in which case I very rarely hit them back if they slap in retaliation but if they bounty, slap, or attack out of the blue then I'll sit on them until I kill them, get my xp back, or get bored -- whichever comes first. Or 2) They're in an enemy guild.

    Of course, it's all decided on a case by case basis.
  2. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    Well gee Kai when I was talking to people whom I had thought I had some sort of a relationship with, when questioned what I do, I would respond that I am on total disability. I dare not list the afflictions again as you and your ilk seem to take great delight in hounding me and telling anyone who will listen that I am nuts. I am as crazy as a fox Kai. I have been able to expose you, Lawrence and a few others for what you are. If I am such a failure how come I might have the income to spend some money on this game and you don't. As to boss crushing, I think you should be directing that to your beloved leader. Kai I am a great success at life. I have the love and respect from the people I want that love and respect of. I could care less about what you think of me. I do not want your friendship respect or really anything to do with you. Anyone who has said what you have said about people who have served their country is beneath contempt. So go ahead and fake kill me and collect your fake coin then I will fake heal. Besides, there is only one in RVV that presents a challenge to me and he even hides.

    @Jeff if you like closely at the Battling unicorn he has a LAW strapped to his back
  3. Kai Adams

    Kai Adams New Member

    You have VA checks that are issued by the U.S. Govt and You use them to support a Canadian Game/ Company. Pretty Patriotic if you ask me. Crushing bosses and leveling , and even leveling was cheating in your mind..... and now you do the same thing. Where is the honor in that ?? Don't think or expect people to hold you to a higher level than what you make yourself. I would rather not respect a Vet that was a 2 faced whiney little girl. Respect and Honor are earned. That is my Call.
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  4. Kai Adams

    Kai Adams New Member

    Geeze, craig. Another misfortune that the world needs to know about ???? [CCC] "Yes! Slap Kill! Kiss me Suzie! Between that and the Viagra I almost have a chubby!" You are a few steps below Pathetic , but you are getting there. Keep up the good work !!!
  5. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    Wrong again

    First of all Kai. My checks are not from the Veterans Administration. So wrong there. Second of all I didnt write that motto. Get your facts straight. I am guilty of alot of things but will not accept blame for your untruths. We have already established what you and the lackeys are. Funny how perceptions differ. Because I consider you a whiny little girl. See we can agree.

    I am so tired of the baseless insults and behind the back gossip that I am not even gonna bother reading this crap anymore. We may do things that you dont like. But you know what. Tough crap. Be a man. So go ahead and keep blathering. I could care less about your opinion of me. As a matter fact, I take the fact that someone like you doesnt like me as a ringing endorsement
  6. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    I do not want your respect.
  7. Kai Adams

    Kai Adams New Member

    See what I'm doing to you Craig. LOL. You almost sounded a bit angry in your last message. I'm kinda stuck as to which would make me happier. The fact that you want to sell your property and quit the game, which would make everyone happy, or the fact that the devs won't let you. Either way it is a win win victory for VC. Keep spending your checks buddy boy !!!
  8. Kai Adams

    Kai Adams New Member

    Oh and as far as the slogan goes.... I didn't write it, I didn't write it. lmao. Maybe you need to man up and take responsibility for things that are written as a motto. You are the Guild leader,right ?? Coward !!!
  9. If you don't like our mottos then don't read them. The fact that you guys get so worked up over a line of text speaks volumes. For example... just today I put lyrics from a song I like. If that strikes close to home then I suggest you go see a therapist.
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  10. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member


    Mad at a social retard who kisses a psychopaths ass? Hardly. I think about leaving the game but then think about how good it would make you feel. Naw I will hang around. BTW although I didnt write it I stand by it. Obviously it struck a chord. More to come. Oh do we know alot. Can hardly wait how you react. Best part is they are all true. Wonder what we will come with next. Hmmmm. You calling me a coward makes me feel good about myself. If you said anything good about me I would worry. That would mean we had things in common. Isnt it time for your militia meeting?
  11. Oh... and for the record... *most* of our guild motto's are mine. Craig doesn't usually see them until the next day. So if there's an issue, feel free to see me about them.
  12. Kai Adams

    Kai Adams New Member

    LOL. I'm still doing it to you craig. :) I always knew that of the 2 of you, you were the witty one Mike.Rent is free for you Craig but you should at least pitch in for food. Don't spend all you check on arrows.
  13. Absolutley loving this season, really close at the top.
  14. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    easily the most intelligent thing that you have every said. Did u recently turn 4?

    BLACKDETH Member

    I'd like to change my opinion: Guild Wars WAS a blast!

    A while back now, I was asked by Cara and KANO to put any ideas for changes to guild wars to the ideas forum.

    The response was fairly poor and in the end I had to harass people to respond and vote on my suggestions. Quite a few did, from may different "sides" in this game. So, in a sense, this is a bit encouraging.

    The problem now is that Kano has dropped the ball....who cares about new bosses and whether or not we can see who is online in our guild.! The people have spoken and we want some changes to guild wars. Its damn boring now.

    The weather is improving, work is busy, cannot realistically see playing much more of wars unless something is done to improve it.

    KANO act on our suggestions please.

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