Guild Wars is a Blast!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by BLACKDETH, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Spazticus

    Spazticus New Member

    Fantastic, thanks! I'm sure i'll re-enter the fray once i get closer to holding my own. Or at least have enough power to be a thorn in someone's side.
  2. Carol Hatch

    Carol Hatch New Member


    This thread is hilarious! I really love how we are talking about long standing members... Are those the ones who've been bullied into joining a guild, harassed endlessly, or the ones who are bound by so many ridiculous rules that the fun left the game long ago?? It's pretty easy to get into a high place when there are only a few guilds opted in... I really like the fact that some higher level players have created entire guilds filled with their minis in order to get points...just another thing to cheat about. yay.

  3. Yeah... sorry... bountying a bunch of babies isn't my thing. Which is a good thing for half of your guild, huh? Wait... they never heal so maybe I *couldn't* bounty them. LOL!

    Those "great lengths" you're talking about have applied to RVV, also. Unless you *honestly* think no one would notice adding Suzie, Paul, and Pearse back at various times. Oh... and for the record... the purpose of our guild is to have fun which we do, so what's the problem? :)
  4. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    Lost the Bet

    Dang it I thought it would be Lawrence that whined. But it was you Kai. You like my Post its getting great reviews from the normal players. I love it. We have a blast. You guys are too busy whining about being bullied. How you like it? I loved sitting on Mr "If you are on my rivals list I will blast you for 24 hours" The other night. He cried to Scott then bountied lower levels. Go RVV! Amazes me how much bullies hate being bullied. BTW tell Lawrence to keep listing me. The rival Guilds love the coin and I get a huge rivals list.

    As I have said before we will do anything to mess with your minds. BTW kudos for uniting a disparate group of high levels. A remarkable achievement.

    Tell Lawrence I am still watching and the stunt he pulled last night is under investigation

    Toodles Kaister
  5. Kai Adams

    Kai Adams New Member

    I think you guys took my post all wrong. I was giving congrats to work well done by the ONE guild.They made changes and they grabbed the trophy. Simple as that. To Craig .... I think the Fake Orange is messing with your own mind. I will list your whole guild when I feel like it. Low levels and all. We will see how your guild likes dying because of your actions. I have plenty of coin and will spend it as I see fit. And lastly, Mike... you were the one that said the trophy was not worth it. ONE made changes , the same way we did. the only ONE's not playing were the CCC , but they kinda were . lmfao. you guys have a great nite.
  6. Kai Adams

    Kai Adams New Member

    Here is a piece of information for you Craig. I list your guild.... not because they are a threat,or a great fighting guild. I list them to redistribute my wealth to the RVV. So there you TOUGH guy that buys arrows and crushes bosses. Welcome to VC. Hope your buddy Mike is there to talk hero stories with you until you go to sleep !!!Nitey Nite
  7. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    Once Again

    Only you would have the lack of class to say that Agent Orange exposure is a fake. Its very real and its killing me. Very funny Kai you are a scream. Once again you also insult Veterans. Ya I think all Veterans are heros. Better then cowards who stayed home. But that just proves your ignorance and inability to grasp reality. You cannot even stand on your own 2 feet in a freakin game. Oh Lawrence they are being mean. We also thank you for the Coin you have showered on us. We get alot of those bounties too.

    But back to the topic at hand. We will not participate in Guild Wars til we can face Guilds one on one. We chose not to fatten our stats hammering lower levels. But that is the RVV way as Lawrence the Cheerleader would say in chat. At that time we can go head to head. One side will have to shut up then. Although, I doubt you guys ever will.

    BLACKDETH Member

    What do you mean, "face guilds one on one".

    For the record, you did return to Guild Wars, and in my opinion, you ruined it for anyone who is enjoying the competitiveness by enabling for a short period to assist one group in getting ahead of another. You may feel somehow vindicated and that this is some form of vengeance in the ongoing CCC/RVV/ONE struggle but as far as I am concerned, all you did was undermine ONE's accomplishment.
  9. A few points of parliamentary procedure....

    Kai.... I'll let you in on a secret. Feeding ONE points was an amusing by-product of an experiment I initiated (much like Viagra was an accidental discovery when Pfizer chemists were trying to develop a pill to treat cardiovascular ailments). As I looked at the leaderboard for Guild Wars, I thought to myself "I think I'll put us in guild wars to see how long it will take to crack it". As it turned out, it only took about 10 mins to make the top 30 (keep in mind... this is WORLD wide). Which leads me to think Guild Wars are a joke, at best, or a miserable failure, at worst. I'm all ears if you have an alternate theory on how a guild opts in for 15 mins and makes the leaderboard.

    You can criticize how people level all you want but your precious leader has decimated 10k+ more bosses than anyone in our guild and I, somehow, just know you haven't mentioned that to him with the same type of scorn. In short, I doubt your point has any sincerity in it and is, more than likely, an attempt at getting others to play as you'd like them to. As for CCC being a threat. We may not be a threat but it's funny how a simple congratulatory post to ONE ended by mentioning us. We're obviously on your mind. We'd bounty your lowers, too, but it's just too hard to catch them when they're actually alive - LOL! Perhaps, Kel could recruit a few that know where the heal button is the next time he boots long-standing members for war points.

    For the record, I found this quote by Jeff to be very interesting and enlightening about the *someone's* obsession with a virtual trophy. And I quote... "I believe I am enjoying Guild Wars now because... I am not under any pressure to get a set amount of wps". It really makes one think... Hmmmmmm.....

    Jeff... We ruined it for everyone? Seriously? Guild Wars was ruined when it was released. We just demonstrated it for you. As the saying goes... don't hate the player, hate the game. :)

    BLACKDETH Member

    Blood Eagle,

    I respectfully believe that you have taken my comments out of context. If you re-read the passage which you quote above, and you consider it in relation to the second sentence in that paragraph, I believe you will see the true meaning of that particular sentence. It is not in any way meant to suggest that I was under pressure to actually obtain a set amount of guild war points. Rather, it is merely intended as an illustration to the fact that I much prefer to be in the hunt then to be the hunted.

    Being in RVV and winning every week was not a challenge. It was easy when you consider the cast of characters that surrounded us. The point that I was trying to convey, and which was clearly lost, was that its a refreshing and rewarding experience to start a new guild, interact with new people, and climb your way through the rankings in guild wars.

    I hear and read all sorts of criticism directed towards Larry all the time. I have even been critical of him in the past myself in regards to particular disagreements we have had. Friends have disagreements, it has been known to happen. I have stated this before, and likely this will not be the last time I say this: Larry, in my opinion, is one of the least hands-on guild leaders, with whom I have interacted in this game.

    You can mock guild wars all you like. You can ridicule the people that play it, and you can imply that those who chose to do so are bullies all you like. The truth is, no matter what excuse you give, CCC tried and failed. You were an embarrassment to the very things you claimed, which was, "the best damn fighting guild in VC."

    And just for the record, real vikings don't wear wolfskins while the play VC...we wear full plate metal...and believe me it gets bloody hot and stuffy and quite uncomfortable when you are trying to type.
  11. Jeff,

    Let me preface this by saying that if my tone seems condescending to you, blame my head and not my heart for that's not my intent. I understand the point you're trying to make. But you've been in, what, five guilds? By my own, admittedly bad memory, you've been in WMX, TS/SN, RVV, Legends, and your current guild. You've been the leader of two of them. Saying he's "ONE of the least hands-on guild leaders with whom you've interacted with" is not exactly the ringing endorsement that you'd make it out to be.

    That's not the issue, anyway. I just, personally, found it interesting that you'd add that statement shortly after leaving RVV and starting a guild of your own. Read into that whatever you'd like to read into it. Still... I found it interesting since, whatever else you may be, a mouth breather is not one of them, IMO.

    I don't mock the people that play guild wars (to each their own). I have not implied that everyone that plays guild wars are bullies. If you have inferred that, I'd suggest you read my posts again. That being said, many bullies use Guild Wars to ply their trade as the free-for-all system they designed, not only, lends itself but, actually, encourages that type of play. What I HAVE done is mock the feature the devs released and said that it's flawed for a varying number of reasons -- not the least of which is the ability for a third party guild to influence the outcome between two "warring" factions. That much has been proven. Or am I wrong?

    You can believe we failed at guild wars but the bottom line is simple. While other guilds were pounding away on babies to get war points, we were hitting our already established enemies and ignoring the fabricated enemies. At level 5k+, I don't feel the need to beat on level 900's simply for war points. I didn't feel the need or desire to do it with you when you came back after a long hiatus and I don't feel the need or desire to do it now in pursuit of a shiny new virtual trophy. Calling that an embarrassment is an indictment of your (former) guild, not ours.

    Oh... and real vikings didn't wear full plate mail, either. That's just you - LOL!
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  12. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    I really do miss the DB

    By one on one I meant facing one guild heads up. We did not tarnish ONEs accomplishment. RVV hit us too in our Guild Wars Raid. Now you all like pretending that you are real Vikings. First off all Mike is correct. Must vikings had no armor at all. A lucky few had Chain Mail. Lets get our obsessions correct. I think a few of people have horned helmets that are a little too tight. BTW the Horned Helmet thing. They didnt wear those either

    I find Guild Wars ridiculous. Its not a way to test your Guild against another Guild. Its a race to see who can beat up more lower levels. That is my opinion> I am sorry I dont share yours. You know what we may or may not be the best Fighting Guild in VC. But the in the overall scheme of things who gives a damn. Doesnt pay my bills or make me a better person. It was said because we know it infuriates certain people. Your statement about the "most hands off leader" is quite astonishing to me. Did he undergo a complete personality change since I was in RVV? Hmmm

    Hmm oh well. We will continue to play the game and hopefully continue to be as funny and as irritating as we can.

    BLACKDETH Member

    Well I wear full plate armour! I also have my own G6 for my entourage and carry a magic wand given to me by Harry Potter himself...don't presume, Sir, to tell me what Vikings DO and DON'T DO. Keep it up and I will be forced to use my Bazooka on your hapless guildies!...grrr fiddlesticks!
  14. Kai Adams

    Kai Adams New Member

    Craig... I was talking about the Orange Kool-Aid you drink. LMAO. It is funny to me Mike, that Craig considers everything cheating until he takes up the practice. Leveling, Boss Killing, Buying Arrows ??? But my work here is now done . Who is in who's head now ?? Keep up the good work CCC. The Best Fighting Guild Ever !!!!!
  15. Michael Gorter

    Michael Gorter New Member

    Guild Wars has successfully sucked me back into Viking Clan. Again... Now they just need to add prizes instead of pictures.

    -Blackheart Brigadier.
  16. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    Gee Kai you do not even have the courage of your convictions to stand by your insults. You have made it quite clear in the past that you have nothing but contempt for people that served our Country. You sir are a Coward!! I stand behind that.

    We could possibly be the Best Fighting Guild in VC and I cite as evidence the reluctance of RVV to fight us. Oh wait, you do attack and bounty lower levels. You hardly ever touch me. I guess thats because you are scared. Oh well. It amazes me how much we live in your head.

    But back on topic. I implore they Devs to work on a feature that will allow us to go to head to head. It maybe an opportunity to get me to shut my mouth. But I doubt it. Because I live to annoy you and the rest of your gang. It appears to be working.

    Aww Jeff at least you get it. We have had our differences but your witty and cutting responses are very entertaining and taken in the spirit they are meant. I enjoy engaging with you. Vikings do not have bazookas either. Everyone knows they had Panzerfausts'
  17. Kai Adams

    Kai Adams New Member

    Maybe it is the fact that ,you Craig have made it well known to everyone in VC , what all the bad things in your life are . Your ailments , your lack of success, ect.... Is it a cry for help, or simply just a pity card that you are playing. That is what I am tired of. As far as fighting you, I can't win. Simple as that. I do not have the Funds to Buy arrows and Crush Bosses. But today is your lucky day... there are a few RVV that would love for you to bounce off of them, if that is your idea of a good time. No worries though buddy boy , I will kill you on the bounty and then you can beat the crap out of me. lol.
  18. Tracy Bingham

    Tracy Bingham Member

    You say it like your proud??? Okay, what ever floats your boat.. but.. sure would be hell of a lot better if you were participating the way that was intended. Competition is good..
  19. I am proud of it. Thanks. I'm every bit as proud of that as you are of bountying those oh so tough level 900's. As you've told me several times... it's just a game. Don't get so worked up over it. You play your game and I'll play mine. :)

    Don't talk to me about "what was intended" because when we were asking for Guild Wars the vast majority of people wanted a "Guild A vs Guild B" type of option so they could war against previously established enemies. That was the intention behind most people even asking for it. Not this cluster$%!# that they created.

    BLACKDETH Member

    Only one thing wrong with your bully theory, blood eagle. No one in RVV would get points for bountying a level 900. You might get 9 points for catching it but with the large number of cheaters hunting these days, I doubt anyone would take that risk.

    In my case, I think the lowest level I would get points for would be around 1500. Do not try and tell me that when you are at war you do not attack enemy guild members at that level.

    @Craig: The Panzerfaust scenario is absolutely ridiculous. We all know that Viking Clan is historically accurate, and that Vikings did not have heavy mobile armour. It historical realism is reflected in the inclusion of such viking classics as zombie war rhinos and fairies that look like tinkerbell. Adjust your thoughts accordingly!

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