Giant Lobster?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by floydpinked, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. floydpinked

    floydpinked New Member

    Seriously? a giant lobster? Come on you guys were doing great with the whole viking theme, but I have yet to find a viking saga about giant lobsters (that's a bit to greek to me). How about jörmungandr? Giant serpents and heavy metal....

    anyway. just wanted to point out my disappointment in the new boss fight.
  2. Random Victory Rewards: + Favor Points

    Random Victory Rewards:
    + Favor Points

    still no favor pints for helping haha what about more points on drop :p:rolleyes:
  3. giant lobster seems more suitable for pirate clan than viking clan
  4. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    this game needed giant lobster. And cowbell.

    But well, it was either that or the Easter Bunny, so it's your call. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point, Fenrir will be a boss, or the Fire/Ice giant leaders. Give it some time :).
  5. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Killed it using hot melted butter and salt.
  6. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    Just wondering what your stats are on the bosses now btw guys?

    Currently my bosses are:

    Serpent Sorceress (Andariel wannabe :p) Level 10
    Mountain Cyclops Level 8
    Giant Lobster Level 2

    I noticed the cyclops has been given insane HP buffs whenever he levels. In fact, I cant even take him down in one go (60 stamina dealing 2900-3500dmg). It's great, since I believe this will eventually FORCE people to team up. Now all we need is for those bosses to regenerate some health and we're set :D!
  7. he he

    i just give him a burger and he died :eek:
  8. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Just need a good steak for Surf and Turf dinner for my clan.
  9. Rognvaldr

    Rognvaldr New Member

    Redo the artwork and call it a Krakken. Problem solved.
  10. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Then we could have Calamari, cool.
  11. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    Remove that lobster from the game and there shall be hellish fury ¬¬;...he gave me a favor point!
  12. dam i guess u are the first one who got point lol:D
  13. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    Bitch ain't got nothing on me!

    And 10 skill points? Holy F*CK!
  14. Rognvaldr

    Rognvaldr New Member

    Killed the lvl 1 Rock Lobsta, along with a lvl 2 cyclops and a lvl 5 sorc and got 1 favor point...

    WTB mor Fav points

    **and i did get 2 hooks (lobster), one gauntlet (lobster) and one smash club...all of which suck.
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  15. Rognvaldr

    Rognvaldr New Member

    Also...a shout out to all my Horde brothers and sisters...if you are out there.
  16. Boss

    im vegetarian Viking :) any halloween pumkin bosses with horns to attack he he :eek:

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