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    I've just done the "Toss the rat into a cement mixer" (80 energy,Palermo) job 15 times in a row. This now only gives me 34% of my daily gamer points for doing the job 15 times.
    Then I did the "Run drugs through the Chunnel" job (33 energy,London) once...that gave me 16% more to make a total of 50%.
    Two days ago I could do the first job 8 times and get 100% of my daily gamer points. Now I can't.
    Anyone know why?

    Edit: I've just done the Palermo job again, once. It gave me 34% of my daily gamer points.
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    I know in PC it seems in order to complete adventure gamer points I need to do the last adventure I am on after that I get to 100% I can jump around and do any other adventure I want. :) hope that helps,

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