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  1. prettynerdy

    prettynerdy New Member

    Sooo fighting is encouraged in-game, but little spats on the forums are treated as if they are acts of terrorism?
  2. Specific one? lol
  3. Calder12

    Calder12 New Member

    Forums can get ugly in a hurry unfortunately. I personally prefer a forum where a little bit of "nastiness" is allowed. I used to run an online MMORPG and we actually had a flame wars section that was password protected. To get the password you basically had to agree not to be a whiner. Almost anything went and it was mildly moderated. No racism, no attacking someones gender or sexuality. Beyond that it was pretty much a free for all.

    It accomplished keeping the morons out of the main forums, they had their own lol. It wasn't totally successful since it kept the idiots coming back, but again it kept them out of the main forums, gave people a place to air beefs with each other and meant there was very little reason to deal with multiple accounts because of people being banned.

    I rarely have anything bad to say about Kano or their apps, but I do feel the communication system is too vanilla. It IS a fighting game, that is proven out with the game design, yet the devs have decided for us what personal messages we can send? I know that is to avoid abuse, but to be honest I don't use that feature at all because most of the messages are just lame.

    I find it amusing when I see the same names in my rivals list repeatedly taking losses or the pop ups where people have spent extra stamina just to take me out. I would occasionally like to send them a small personal message, but when I look at the predetermined ones it's just no fun =P
  4. Relentless

    Relentless New Member

    It's a good idea Calder12, but some people don't know how to have a tit for tat. They start to lose ingame or get made a bit red faced, and they will start to make personal attacks on people directly.

    People need to remember when they are playing a GAME, their interacting with someones character. Not the actual person sitting at their computer. So don't make it personal.
  5. Well said Cougar
    yes is just a game and no need to do personal attacks on players
    In Kano Forum me personally try understand Kano members and listen them
    so i can help from my game play experience with game or forum issue
    and Remember there is more than a million players around all Kano Games
    and here in Kano forum i see less than 1% of players that come here and ask questions
    all i can say you are valuable for us as Player and Kano Forum member
    and Thank You for your feedback and ideas :)
  6. Relentless

    Relentless New Member

    I think most people do appreciate the fact that we know you are watching whats being posted in the forum and try to accommodate for what people would like to see happen in game.

    But you can't please everyone. And most people want you to listen to what their saying and make that change.

    Have you thought about making some fun threads? like guess the next posted or 3 word story... it's non related to the game but just a way for people to be active in the forum and get to know others who like to come in here as well.
  7. Yup here is the right place » General Discussions »
    Fighting ? well Fighting story's good, bad, funny, sad ... all post here if you want to share your experience with other Kano members/visitors
    no need for names so everyone is safe from mass bounty's
    Than all good with players story's :)
  8. prettynerdy

    prettynerdy New Member

    I make a complaint and the thread is quickly turned into a "post your funny fight stories here!" thread? You just made my point for me.

    Am I playing a game meant for teens and pre-teens? I didn't see anything about ages, but I'm really starting to wonder if all this sugarcoating and "now play nice, kids" stuff is for kids and not young adults. "We want you to fight, but be nice about it and don't hurt their feelings, k?" <-- Not how it works.
  9. Relentless

    Relentless New Member

    I think your forgetting that facebook is for age's 13 and up I believe, that means there ARE kids playing them. The point of having fun threads in the forum is show that people do understand this is a little clicky game on the internet and if someone is "beating you", it's not the end of the world and you don't need to go start saying crap about their mama.

    Personally I do like the idea of a place for people to come and vent any trouble's their having ingame, but can people keep it to just ingame talk, I don't think so.
  10. AbNo

    AbNo New Member

    Uh yeah, actually. If you want to have a lover's quarrel with someone, do it via Facebook messaging, PMs on here, or something else.
  11. prettynerdy

    prettynerdy New Member

    I'm not talking about a full on 'your mama's so fat' e-fight. I mean disagreements about how the game should be played, what you think is appropriate or too far, whether you feel this particular part of the game design is fair or not... I really don't want to see people insulting each other. But threads with discussions that can barely be called 'debates' are being closed or deleted and if the game encourages fighting, they should allow heated debate in the forums.

    And 13 year olds shouldn't be slaying zombies. Or spending much time on the internet, for that matter. Climb a friggin' tree or something, geez...
  12. Calder12

    Calder12 New Member

    In that case I agree. I really hope they understand that most of us are adults and don't require over moderation.

    And I fully agree with your tree opinion too ;)
  13. SteveW

    SteveW New Member

    I was getting my ass kicked by a guy the other day, now I've caught him up in level we trade blow for blow. This ended up in a truce and joining squads. After accepting his FB friend request he couldn't have been more than 13-14 years old, lol!

    I wasn't sat in front of computer all day when I was a nipper, it's easy for me to do now as I sit in front of one all day for work.

    I agree that the moderation could be a little more relaxed here. Like Cougar said as well, some people would do well to remember that it's just a game.
  14. leo lucky

    leo lucky New Member

    it would be a good idea to start a suggestion thread for personal messages.
    i would but i am not inspired :D
  15. Its not possible to monitor what age is person on Kano Games or Kano Forum
    that's why Kano team try keep games/forums more friendly and cut out all bad language

    Also i know some parents do complain that there is to much blood on games and so many Apps on Myspace and Facbook try make picture and text more soft ... well there is always on option to add little box to click >>: that I'm am 16 or 18 age or older ... but than again Developers can lose 5% of players or its better that way? You tell us what you think !?

    Thanks for nice story's and feedback we need this :)
  16. prettynerdy

    prettynerdy New Member

    Having a little checkbox for people to click that they are a certain age isn't going to lose much business for Kano. The people that want to play the game will check the box, whether they are of age or not. Those that would probably lose interest after a day or two and never spend a cent on the game are the ones that would be deterred by a checkbox.

    The benefit of being on FB & MySpace is that both require an age and neither allow you to change it. If you are already pulling information from our profiles, why can't you pull our birthdays?

    This may be slightly off-topic, but it's not Kano's job to raise the children of the world. It's not their job to moderate what children view or what games they play. It's the job of the PARENT. If they don't want their kids playing bloody games, they need to exercise some control over their kids and take responsibility for their actions if they break the rules. I'm so sick and tired of everyone taking on the responsibilities of the parents! Teach your own kids about sex and stop trying to force the teachers to do it. Teach your kids what they are allowed to watch and not watch instead of forcing everyone else to censor themselves for your child's sake. Keep your kids away from people who smoke instead of demanding that nobody be allowed to smoke anywhere. And teach your kids what games are appropriate for them to play and which ones are not allowed instead of forcing the game makers to over moderate the rest of the users and censor their artist's work because you don't want your kid to see blood. There are plenty of puzzles and dress up games for them to play that are blood-free.

    Besides, killing the undead is more of an adult thing anyway, don't you think?

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