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    how does it work, the way i read it is when u r n a fight in the arean then u bring all ur sq, for me thats over 400 people, or is it just hierd and top sq u bring to the fight...? the reason i ask is b/c there r players i was loosing to maybe something like out of every 3 fights i would lose 1,i know there def, and my attack is pretty much higher at least in skill points.and i have more sq, so i would like to know is it sq size or un items that matters, i mean i know un item matter but if 1 person has 100 sq and the other has 400 plus and higher attack they should win more then 3 to 1...even if all 100 were un items,...anyways hope this makes enough since to get a real anser out of someone b/c if it just top sq and hierd that matter im going to get all un stuff,lol
  2. I'm pretty sure that its only your top squad and hired squad. Your personal items (armed items) seem to make a pretty big difference in the arena. Its the random factor that really makes you win or lose to ppl you would normally not win or lose to. The way it was explained in the beginning was its like a "Dice Roll". If the defenders dice roll results in a much lower number than the attackers dice roll the defender will lose even though their defense stat may be higher than the attackers attack stat. If the dice are rolling values ranging anywhere from between 1 and 3,000 for both players, that leaves a lot of room for randomness lol... My best understanding of it is that everything is added up as usual in a fight but than there is the "dice roll" factor added in on top of it.
    I could be totally wrong about it all but since no one else has responded yet I thought I'd give ya my insight ;)
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    first off thanks for the reply,
    Each attack action will use 1 Stamina. Whatever stamina you have available can be used in the arena even if it is refilled/boosted outside of the arena. Your attack strength is determined by your personal attack skills, personal armed items, and clan size which will enable you with more item strength. Your defense strength is the same, instead just taking the defense value of the previously mentioned. When calculating a winner and the damage dealt during an attack, the attack value of the attacker is compared to the defense value of the defender along with some randomness. If you have a much higher attack value the probability that you will deal more damage is greater. For damage received, the defenders attack value is compared against your defense value in the same manner.

    i have read this b4, thats y im asking..says CLAN SIZE which really is for vikin clan,lol, should say sq.anyways i realize that it is more then likely just top sq and hired but i had to ask,and nice to know what u posted b/c i have yet to look on the forums in the first discussions about the arean... all i know is what i have read on the arean page and game play in the arean,,anyways thanks again i still win alot more then i lose and beat people i shouldnt i was just wonrdering if it i was able to maybe have a better ratio on people with a decent def....
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    im thinking lucky dice rolls......
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    According to my profile from last arena, The squad strength in arena is the same as Your top squad and hired squad added together.

    I think the critical hit in the arena is just far more wild than in regular game. Varying at least 50 percent if not more. vs varying about 10 percent.

    I hope this helps.

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