[LCN] Family option

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by FrankieTheNutsCooperBTS, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. I have previously wrote support asking for this option, but wanted to post it here to hopefully gain interest so we can see it implemented in the game. The family I run isn't anywhere as big as it used to be, but part of that is due to the logistics of the in game families. There are currently options to Create Alliances and Create Enemies with other in game groups. I would like to ask for a third option to add to Family. This would allow us not to have to use our Alliance spots for our other in game groups. I would also like to ask for a change in color to our family members names on the fight list once this option is added, possibly yellow? Our family members are usually mobbed up, but this will make identifying family members easier when they aren't. I am not asking for this option only for Facebook, but for the other sites as well. I am working with many of the other leaders on Facebook who are opening chapters to play on Kongregate and I think this option would help gain more movement to that site. Most of the players on Facebook have been playing for together for many years, even before LCN, and we would like to show unity together on our new venture. Thanks for your consideration.

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