Facebook Pages Cut-off: May 30, 2011 (Bug)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kendall, May 31, 2011.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    The re-size code that we depend on from Facebook to lengthen / shrink Facebook's Canvas page to the Kano game page has broke again for some users (seems like it is impacting more users this time).

    It started happening Sunday night at which time we added the issue to the developer forum as well as their public bug tracking.

    They have acknowledged it but hopefully they will get it fixed shortly.

    If you are having this issue, you can help Facebook fix this issue by doing the following:

    copy this url to a browser: http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js

    Then copy the first line which should look something like: the first line of
    the all.js in use which should look like this: /*1306395245,169931904,JIT
    Construction: v383842,en_US*/

    And paste that line here in this thread and let us know what App you are experiencing the problem on.

    Thank you for any help. No one at Kano is able to reproduce this issue so we need some help.
  2. self

    self Member

    This sucks as I cannot start any new adventures or new bosses at all.

    Cannot attack world bosses... This is increasing my personal heartburn...

    /*1306830112,169938791,JIT Construction: v385068,en_US*/

    All apps

    also, noted that it is a firefox issue and I cannot get it to recreate in IE... Just really do not want to move all my bookmarks I HATE IE!

    cleared cache already, and that made no difference
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  3. Susan K

    Susan K Member

    I have the problem with both IE & Firefox, but the java thing you asked for only worked with Firefox.

    /*1306673693,169555071,JIT Construction: v384804,en_US*/
  4. Susan K

    Susan K Member

    another point.. you can get around it a little bit by pressing "tab" -- like sending a gift.

    After sending the gift, you'll notice that the top of the page is gone, so refresh to get it back.
  5. Fela Cio BTS

    Fela Cio BTS New Member

    /*1306830487,169556864,JIT Construction: v385068,en_US*/
  6. Jailbait

    Jailbait Member

    zombie slayers

    /*1306810857,169914985,JIT Construction: v385068,en_US*/
  7. Maroon1956

    Maroon1956 New Member

    /*1306560750,169923270,JIT Construction: v384804,en_US*/
  8. Wicked Wench

    Wicked Wench New Member

    /*1306673697,169558636,JIT Construction: v384804,en_US*/

  9. Jager

    Jager Member

    /*1306811469,169550183,JIT Construction: v385068,en_US*/

    Zombie Slayer/ Firefox
  10. Candizzle

    Candizzle New Member

    /*1306526240,169587306,JIT Construction: v384359,en_US*/

    also, to get around this problem, you can click the wheel on your mouse, and scroll the page like so...a pain in the ass but it works.

    I've been using FF and Chrome and have the same problem in both :/
  11. skemesolo

    skemesolo New Member

    /*1306562609,169569905,JIT Construction: v384804,en_US*/
    zombie slayer/firefox
  12. Jager

    Jager Member

    Hadn't thought to try that, the wheel does work, thanks!
  13. Zaphod

    Zaphod New Member

    /*1306372623,169899887,JIT Construction: v383547,en_US*/
    Viking Clan in Chrome, Fire Fox and IE - and now I feel dirty for using IE.
  14. octave circle

    octave circle New Member

    /*1306830542,169919089,JIT Construction: v385068,en_US*/

    Firefox and Chrome
  15. Roxylea

    Roxylea New Member

    /*1306830513,169900647,JIT Construction: v385068,en_US*/

    viking clan
  16. twlvflozs

    twlvflozs New Member

    /*1306369241,169896563,JIT Construction: v383547,en_US*/


    couldnt load url on IE, but IE is asking me to download script everytime i click something while trying to play....very frustrating
  17. Debra Otter

    Debra Otter Member

    /*1306730861,169563268,JIT Construction: v384804,en_US*/
  18. 9nick

    9nick New Member

    /*1306930385,169569149,JIT Construction: v385510,en_US*/

    The problem started yesterday, resolved itself for a while last night and then began again this morning. Tried different browsers, emptied caches, reload browsers. Impacting Zombie, Viking and Pirates.:eek:
  19. Aintyerwench

    Aintyerwench New Member

    /*1306831353,169900420,JIT Construction: v385068,en_US*/
    The problem started for me last night and also for a friend of mine - both of us who are fairly new to playing Pirate Clan. I am not sure what Browser he uses.

    I realize that this issue is not Kano/Apps' fault but if it is going to go on for any length of time, PC is basically not playable as is (and there are a lot of players who are affected). Is there any way that some things on the pages could be moved so that critical parts might be more easily accessed on the top half of the page? For example, maybe make the DJ special offerings a pop out or move to a lower area of the page so that the newsfeed can be accessed (more than the last two posts). And somehow make all missions accessible from the top half of the page (as well as gift giving, and purchasing weapons and mateys etc.) perhaps by an arrow scroll? I know these changes are a lot to ask, but with things the way they are and with no concrete end in site, I have heard some people who are experiencing this issue talk of leaving the game. It would be a shame for such a thing to happen if there were any way it could be avoided.
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  20. Pytera

    Pytera New Member

    /*1306930825,169918335,JIT Construction: v385510,en_US*/

    Pirate Clan
    having the same problem as everyone else. neither Firefox and IE work -- couldn't even get the mouse wheel tip to scroll around anywhere. Very frustrating :(
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