Facebook/Kano Play Server 1 Add-Me Thread!

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by mi7ch, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. please add me trying to build my mob up i need some help in doing so i'am still very weak in thank you 031466
  2. together we can be stronger in tougher please add me looking to grow a lot more 031466
  3. Rakat

    Rakat New Member

    Seeking new connections.
  4. Brass Knucklehead

    Brass Knucklehead New Member

  5. djdano316

    djdano316 New Member

  6. long ripps

    long ripps New Member

    519baf add me please :)
  7. Preguisa

    Preguisa New Member

  8. Kitten Sniper

    Kitten Sniper New Member

  9. Deatgnoodle

    Deatgnoodle New Member

  10. strawman

    strawman New Member

    ADCAD2 add me please. And could a few more people post links here please.
  11. Don Ree

    Don Ree New Member

    Veteran Mobsters 2: Vendetta player here. Please add me: C9AE04 . Thank-you!
  12. Hardknox23

    Hardknox23 New Member

  13. Retnal

    Retnal New Member

  14. Jihad Henry

    Jihad Henry New Member

  15. Jihad Henry

    Jihad Henry New Member

    2430F8 lcn mob wars
  16. Ladyroses84

    Ladyroses84 New Member

  17. Ladyroses84

    Ladyroses84 New Member

    code does not work
  18. Jihad Henry

    Jihad Henry New Member

    8B8888 daily player
  19. Jihad Henry

    Jihad Henry New Member

  20. Retnal

    Retnal New Member

    78DB25 Add me!
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