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  1. Samme

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    Hello, my name is sam... and i wondering why it takes so long time in viking clan game to lvl up... like i can only go up one lvl per 10 min....... i thought..... i played 15 days only got lvl 23 byw aiting for stamina and energy ::(:(:(
  2. Lil' Ms.Mandy

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    Pile on the stam, attack and health and you shoud be able to level faster. Up until level 200 and some I could level non stop.
  3. It starts out fairly slow at first. In the beginning energy and adventures are the prime source of XP. Once you start to build a decent chunk of stamina, say 20 to get going then stamina and the fight list are your main engines of advancement. Get the stamina up to around 50-100 and you can start leveling up indefinitely, ten or twenty times in an hr. The game will move fast until you get to where there's a smaller pool of rivals and then it slows down again. In the beginning though, until you get enough stamina you just got to be patient. Do other things at the same time then come back to the game. You don't really want to power up too fast in the beginning though cause you'll miss out on income over time which will become really important when you have to start getting expensive equipment to keep fighting.
  4. Samme

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    well iam lvl 26 and i try to hit someone same lvl and got like 31 in theirs squad i got like 36 i cant even kill em...... and also i got bad items i can see people who got blue things on items shiet idk why :O I CANT

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