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  1. Daniel Pejchl

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    Can someone explain to me the basis for receiving exp after a boss has been defeated.. Ive noticed differences in the amount of exp rewarded ... ie ppl doing 1/2 my damage and being rewarded with 50% more exp then me... what is that all about
  2. Daniel Pejchl

    Daniel Pejchl Member

    the more i look at the rewards and damage given the more I question what is going on in there.. What is going on in there.. starting to look alot like favoritism .... wow this cant be a random thing at all .. im receiving less exp the people who do less damage 100% of the time so far... oh wait 1 out of 10 ...i got something more then the person below me.. why is this happening? whats is the point of all this?
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  3. foxysiren

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    Depends on your level aswell what kinda xp reward you get
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  4. Daniel Pejchl

    Daniel Pejchl Member

    ok then why do both lower and higher lvls then me get more exp rewards when they go to collect..both having done less damage .something is fishy.. i wanna know what is going on ... im in like 50 bosses + helping as many as i can for the good of the game.. this doesnt make any sense why every boss so far(19) .. except 1 i get short changed..it cant be random 19:1 is not random
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  5. mi7ch

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    The XP awarded when the boss is killed is based off the XP you earned throughout the battle, so it depends on your level in relation to the Boss. If you are near the Boss's level, then you will earn more XP throughout and get payed out more at the end. If you are above or below the Boss's level then you will get less XP. This might explain why Boss Helpers on your Bosses are seeing more XP at the end if they are closer to the Boss's level.
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  6. Gazember

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    You get 35% of the XP earned by helping.
    ex: has dealt 1383615 dmg and taken 41899 dmg in 17 attacks, gaining 7069 XP and 2085567 coins.
    My rewards: Proton Shield, Protoblade, $729,949, 2,475 XP

    But the percentage depends on fast the boss was defeated, usually if it lasts for days the percentage will drop. Same goes for the world boss.

    To the XP earned by helping usually will add the joining XP which is 0.5% of the XP needed to lvl, if you helped on many bosses this XP will drop to 1XP after a time, this might do the difference.
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  7. Daniel Pejchl

    Daniel Pejchl Member

    ahhhh.. soooo a adrenaline boost if used would also impact the xp? instead of just a 5% u (DEPENDING ON Kill TIME) get 6.75 when it is all said and done?..

    are there any other factors in gaining exp like health skill points in attack load out? And when boss damage levels are set.. ur exp is based sort of on stamina.. because ive noticed i get exp of a normal attack when using a 20 even though the actual damage im doing to the boss is minimal (at best) .. which ive been more cautious of saving stamina lately as well... and using 1 stamina attacks to top to damage limit..:cool:
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  8. Gazember

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    The joining XP its 0.5% of your XP needed for levelup for the first few. If you helped on many bosses this will drop to 1 XP for that day.

    They will never tell the exact formula for gaining XP from bosses and I never bothered to find out, and it has a part of randomness built in.

    The players who kill bosses for making XP pay attention to the boss defense strength, and they know which range gives the best XP for them, for many the optimal boss defense its like 1500 - 5000. Pay attention on the boss defense strength and find out which one gives you the best XP.
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  9. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    More damage than attacks less exp more attacks hardly no damage more exp
  10. Daniel Pejchl

    Daniel Pejchl Member

    hmm i dont know about that killer .. ill keep an eye on that.. i will say that exp for help at full makes all the difference though...wow .good call.. that looks better thanks for the help with my questions .. i was wondering what the heavens.. i dare say the ol forum worked as planned on this subject
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