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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kel the Merciful King, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. Goldykat

    Goldykat New Member

    A second screen shot was provided in this forum as proof that there are two sides to every story and every action. Everyone who plays this game is human and has feelings. But, you accept the complaints and comments from a particular individual and ignore the proof that you basically said you needed. Other players have been particularly hurt through this game. Of course it's a battling game and whoever ranks high is high. But to completely ignore words and proof from other players in completely unfair. Maybe you need to watch what is being said more closely if you expect people to play nice. Again, just ask the gutless wonder and legend in his own mind.

    And BTW ... Congrats again Kel you have totally succeeded in making such a dramatic exit from the game!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  2. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    Goldykat, the screenshot you keep mentioning was from a situation that was resolved through support a few months ago. That situation was complex and also had two sides to it, which we did our best to reconcile through support.
    We certainly realize that there are two sides to every situation and always do our best to try and hear both (which is one of the reasons I decided to leave this thread open despite getting a little accusatory.)
  3. Since I was the officer in question, I should probably chime in considering *your* officer called me a n*gger in chat (yes, *I'm* the bi-racial member of CCC) and came up with that guild motto shortly thereafter. You were either in chat -- which many people witnessed -- or you weren't. If you were, this means you approved of that motto since that motto came shortly after the incident in question. If you weren't, that means you're now lying about your knowledge of the context of the conversation in order to try to save face. Your choice.
  4. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    After reading this thread full of fingers pointing , verbal degrading , personal bites at someone who was making an exit from a game he has been involved from the beginning ...i should in no way be amazed or shocked....funny the ones i see so verbally involved are the ones that SO VERY MANY in VC have the same issues they are complaining or pointing a finger at Kel for...i know this first hand...i been sat on for hrs from Craig , Blood Eagle , SuT...to name a few....so when your perfect without the tales you tell..maybe others will listen...As far as Kel leaving and coming back now and then ...well lets see Deb...big exit letter..comes back ...ummm Mike K...leaves ..yet does adventure and such.... oh and Craig...you too ..exit letter..then a few days your back....so i say to each their own on that ! who cares....why does it matter...???.....I will say..i have seen some ugly , racist and vile names floating around VC , so that already tells me that KANO really doesnt care about upholding that side of the TOS...if they allow that no wonder they feel obligated to allow "mottos" to be the same...what was/is the punishment for the foul vulgar mottos ?? Is their any ?...maybe disable that guilds ability to post mottos for 30 days or something....after all when we used to get enemy request , alliance requests we could type ANYTHING we wanted in the request..then as time went on ...just a generic request is all we have now...why ...because of vulgar , foul remarks made in them !

    Kel...you and i have been around the bush in the past , but what has transpired here with their motto and all the personal attacks here in public has done more damage for them and KANO than anyone will ever know...Its wrong and everyone knows it ! SO i support you in not spending anymore money in this game , will miss you catching me on bounty ..as the uglies that posted here will still be flying me...maybe more than before...LMAO ...but i love to fly ..so no worries ..Cheers Kel ! :cool:
  5. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    @Scepter While it's difficult to show, we do, in fact, care quite a bit about our Terms of Use. We take action on account names when we see them or they're brought to us, so if you see something you feel violates the TOU, please send it in to Support.

    It does appear that the discussion section of this thread has wound down, and as such I'll be closing this down, although I'll leave the thread itself viewable for now. Thanks to everyone who participated in this discussion in a relatively civil manner.

    As a sort of PSA, feel free to review our Forum Code of Conduct, and also feel free to apply it to both the games and life in general.

    And now, a meme I made: brightside.jpg
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