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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kel the Merciful King, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    A little good bye speech induced by Kano "enforcing" their Terms of Use agreement to which some have to subscribe and others can breach freely, and even openly.

    Yes, this is a "game." Fun!

    The fact of the matter is that there comes a time when a game is no longer fun.

    In this case, the final act was Kano telling me that they enforced their Terms of Use agreement we all play under.

    They found a guild motto that was changed to be now acceptable.

    I don't agree.

    Further, from level 300 to level 3200, I learned of some many active high level cheats, and it became my "duty" to beat them. I did. Some self-admitted they cheated openly and "quit" the game for a time. Some carried on but to a lesser extent as the "gang" they were in were beaten and ready to be beaten to a pulp within the game at any time. Quietly they just smeared other players as best they could with fictions about their real lives. Nice folks ... not!

    The best player by far was Ketil and he was beaten by non-adaption to the MySpace style of play. I brought that to FB (thank you Polish, Fielding and JJ) and cleaned the old boys' clock quite rapidly. He thought I was cheating! We in MySpace knew that was specious. Friends send you bosses and are happy to do so to help you and to help themselves. Doi. Not exactly rocket science.

    For the enemies they had to invent a notion of cheating to this (I expressed how I did this here in this forum). The dummies could not figure out what I was doing so i.e. had to cheat and if not, lets call him a cheat anyway as we need an enemy so we can now get our friends to send us their bosses to beat that "cheat." Lets contact every clannie of "his" and tell em he is a cheat too and rally! Create some stories too of alt accounts as well, Black Bolt. "Vanadium Cobalt," the best fighter in this game on FB *ever* was me. I was quite flattered but only Cobalt could beat Ketil to 5000 wins and Cobalt never lost a fight to 5000 wins in his career. When Cobalt purposely gave me bosses and then published them to feed to stir the pot, I had to be Cobalt ... Cobalt the Great Fighting Legend and I would ever cheat. We fought them. I collected intelligence from them, and he and I processed it, with him and I was always in chat in very enjoyable times. I think Cobalt actually could give Griff a run for his money on bounty hunting skill! (Griff FYI was the best bounty hunter ever in the game.)

    But the enjoyment has now ended.

    The racist accusations in a guild motto and the endorsement of new guild motto remarks by Kano, that are similar are enough to say to me, enough is enough. I beat all who were ahead of me and none are now there to beat. I could forever win this game. I could forever pound the cheats, the slanders, and the mentally ill. Sorry. Eat yourselves as far as I am concerned. The competitive aspect I won. Take that ya mugs!

    Cheers to my friends. Thank you to my guild and my online VC and PC "Family" for that matter. I have had enough of the crap in the Kano circus.

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  2. Wow, Kel, sorry to see what they are doing to you over in FB. It isn't right and Kano needs to stand up and say so by their actions. In MS PC there is a guild with a tag JJFU. Hmmm, since I am known as JJ, and we all know what FU stands for, wouldn't you think Kano would do something? They didn't. SHAME ON YOU KANO for allowing such mean-spirited, pettiness to continue!!!

    Here's how I look at it, Kel. I will NOT allow libel, hatred and jealousy dictate to me in any app. I just kill them. A lot. Or whenever I feel like it. Because we do hold the positions that we have achieved, we have that luxury. lol You worked hard to get where you are, don't throw it away and make their day by validating their stupidity. Believe me, they would rejoice if you did. Instead, make them miserable and YOU have the last laugh.

    BTW, I have been accused of playing pretty much every account in MS VC except for the ones, hundreds really, that the handful of my enemies actually play. It amuses me greatly. One idiot actually created an outside website listing all the accounts they thought I play. It was hilarious. I did feel sorry for some of the people he libeled since it put a target on their backs I'm sure. Most of the accounts were ones I had never even heard of, so that was just too funny!

    I don't think you're a cheat. None of your true friends or allies does. We all know what happens when people become ineffective losers, they make stuff up to make themselves feel better about being inadequate. I guess that is the true measure of one's success in these apps. Hang in there my friend. :)
  3. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    One of the RARE times I agree with her.

    Don't let them control you Kel.

    Make them miserable and get the last laugh.
  4. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    2 Sides to every story

    As ys sow so shall ye reap. What the Mighty Kel does not mention is that the one of the last RVV Mottos referenced that CCC was the home of cheats and Recipients of Government Support Checks. In addition, other mottos we used to insult a bi racial member of CCC. But that appears to be OK. Is this childish? You bet it is? I admit to my part in it. I discovered that he takes this game way too seriously and it was fun tweaking him. He would have a tantrum and bounty me 20 times.

    Just remember there are 2 sides to every story and in the middle is the truth. Kel I will say it right here so all can see it. You Sir, are taking this way too serious. Lighten up

    Dont feel sorry for him. He gets the respect he earned
  5. And you can't justify bad behavior in response to other bad behavior. I have no idea if what you say is true or not, hate facebook and won't play there. BUT, since when do two wrongs make a right? Maybe it's YOU who takes this game too seriously?

    The Kel I know in MS VC is kind, giving and a good friend. I suspect he is that way to his friends in FB VC as well. And if he listed you 20 times in a row for being a jerk, GOOD FOR HIM! lol

    As for insulting anyone personally, over a game, that is going too far. I know I've done it too and regretted it. One does get pushed too far sometimes in response to the hatred directed at them non-stop by people who seem to have no boundaries for humanity. Playing this online game sure has opened my eyes to the fact that there are far more people out there who have no morals or kindness in them. I don't think it made me a better person to learn that. Just a sadder person.
  6. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    Interesting. As I said I accept my responsibilty. It was Childish. No 2 wrongs dont make a right. Would you like me to produce a list of the people he has wronged? I would but it will take all day. If you are gonna quit, quit. Why the dramatic exit? I am happy he is good to you. There are many he is not. He bountied me 20 times because he might be a jerk. I laughed thw whole time and got a reall long rivals list. Then I healed my fake Viking with my fake coin. Have a great day.
  7. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I am not taking this game way too seriously. Kano isn't. Its not a real competitive game is it? For sure not with you. If there are rules, and they are not enforced, there are no rules to the "competition". Your guild remarks should have for your own personal health, removed you from the game as your obsessions and delusions will never end. That in fact might be a cruel reason to stick around: let them come for you in a jacket!
  8. Goldykat

    Goldykat New Member

    Kel, Kel, Kel!!! A legend in his own mind!! You are truly pathetic in this game. You live off your little people who help you float your way to the top. Well Congrats!!! You've beat everyone in this game. Including Mike Ketil who only gave up because why?? He couldn't afford it like most of us can't. Because why????? They live off government checks?? Yay for the government who gives our disabled a way to live. Wow, you must get off your computer, out of the game and get your head out of your, well you know, I don't need to say that. But I will say get a real life. How can you live in a game as King none the less????? Oh there is so much I can say but now is not the time for name calling and finger pointing. I'm just so glad you could buy your way to the top. Are you going to do that in MS as well??? Especially since you hit the top here. Please make sure you let your friends know how you are using them. By cheating, don't forget to use their accounts like you did here. You have taught us so much, how to buy our way through the game, how to bully people and don't forget especially the lower level little people. Yes, King Kel you taught us well. You've brought an entire new meaning to the word DRAMA in this game. Your live off it you thrive on it. And you're what??? Quitting????? I know Mike quit because he couldn't afford it. I can't always afford it either but I still play with my fake viking and my fake coin in this game and I heal when I'm bountied. I share my bosses with my clan. And I have this much to say for your previous guild I learned how to bully from Kel. If you can't take the heat get out of guild wars or just learn how to heal, but remember more than 5 hits gets you the Kel treatment. Don't know what that means??? Ask the Legend in his Own Mind. What's even more funny and laughable are your retorts, if you can call them that. I'm glad it makes sense to you because half of what you say doesn't to the rest of us which what??? Makes it more FUNNY!!! Maybe you can buy stock in FB or MS or maybe even KANO. But don't forget to have some whine with your cheese and hey maybe meet someone for dinner in hel.

  9. Actually, YOU sound like the whiner in this situation. I've seen your ilk before in MS. If you can't win, you deflect, call names, make accusations and resort to sarcasm. Yes, your type is all too common in these apps. You're called LOSERS.

    "Buying" one's way to the top is exactly what Kano would like. Never forget, this isn't a charity, it's a business and they have staff and new innovations to pay for. There is nothing against the TOU or the rules that says you can't buy god points to advance yourself. So, in bringing that up, you are exposing your jealousy. I'm sure if you could do it, you would too. All the top players in all of these apps bought favor points to achieve their levels.
  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Kel ....YOUR THE MAN! dont listen the the idiots/haters...they are jock strap sniffers who simply cant compete.

    Its unfortunate that Kano is extremely inconsistent when it comes to what they think is appropriate. I once had my name changed by Kano because I called myself "Folly beloved motormouth of Odin" which apparently Kano thought was way to hurtful/similar to "dolly the beloved playmate of odin". All one has to do is look at any number of the vulgar , hateful, sexist, derogatory or racist names as account , arena or guild names and wonder WTF?

    Hang in there my friend!
  11. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    I felt a little clarification on our end might go a long way.

    As you know, we're not a large company. We don't have legions of Support or PR people to handle our stuff. We have one Support person (Aardvark aka Melanie) and one Community Manager (me.) So when both of those people are gone for the weekend to attend an awesome gaming conference, we do our best but unfortunately there was a backlog. Because of this backlog, we weren't able to spend the time we would normally spend on the more involved issues.

    I did receive the support request about the offensive guild motto, and I did change it. Unfortunately, as the guild mottos were never intended to be a moderated feature, they are easily changed back, as was the case with Kel's second screenshot. So what might appear as an endorsement of offensive behaviour was actually the offending player continuing to choose to be offensive.

    As you can see from other comments in this thread, this is an involved conflict that has taken place in the game over a long period of time. Conflict is fine, especially in fighting games, as it's what makes things interesting. The problem, however, is when players forget that other players are, in fact, human beings, with thoughts and emotions. You can certainly dislike someone in the game and bounty list the heck out of them, but don't make it personal. It's just a game we all enjoy (because it's awesome and very well-made) and we need to respect each other for playing it, not hate them for playing it differently.

    Games are awesome. People are awesome. Putting games and people together should be more awesome, not more awful. Please remember to respect each other, and help turn up the awesome.
  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I get the whole small company thing and all and that often times things will get back logged.......but there are certain players who are repeat offenders and nothing ever happens other than their name or motto gets reset. Why arent these players actually being punished? Its obvious they have no respect for or fear of reprisal from Kano .

    I understand that some players are overly sensitive and whine about the silliest of things.....but as JJ mentioned previously....we all know what FU means......would that fly here in the forums? Most players dont even come to the forums yet it is heavily censored, if we really want a good environment for the vast majority of players shouldnt the emphasis be on the game itself and the repeat offenders?

    I dont pretend to understand how these things work but it seems to me if the game can filter out certain things like the number of characters or symbols from arena names than they it should also be able to filter certain words or letter combinations much like the world chat.

    Dont take me wrong here...at some point Myself as well as others have been guilty of getting caught up in a moment in the feeds and let a few expletives fly, but there is a diff between negligence and premeditation is there not? Like i said....i know its gotta be real tough on a small staff.....but there is some blatant well known abusers out there that seem to have no fear of reprisal, what kind of message does that send?
  13. Adela

    Adela New Member

    To: "The Great Legend",

    To be honest, I thought that this new name was created with some sarcasm and humor. Now that I've read this post, I see that you really believe this. I don't know what is sadder... that I've wasted 3 mins of my life to type this post or that you really believe you are a Legend. Good luck to you, you USED to be very nice, kind and helpful years ago when we first started. I have no idea what you've turned into since then.
  14. Goldykat

    Goldykat New Member

    Sure we all buy points. I never said I didn't and yes the game is full of people who buy God Points. You obviously have not been on the receiving end in FB so until you have good luck. This is FB not MS and yes we've all seen each others ilk before too. Just ask King Kel the Legendary Whiner.

    Cmon Kano I'm sure guild motos weren't meant to be derogatory to another guild but you only have one screen shot in front of you right now. Just like 2 sides of the story the OTHER guild or two have done the same exact thing before. So now okay let's set a new rule. Where were you before when all the slandering and derogatory motos started? One for all or all for one? It seems that certain rules apply to certain people and their guilds and not the others. We all know you aren't a huge company and their aren't enough moderators to go around but at least be fair about it. You can't punish one without punishing the other. This used to truly be a fun game but the drama show that the king and all his men (and women) have put on is totally and utterly ridiculous. But to you it doesn't seem to exist except when ONE or TWO screen shots are available. Maybe we should do a forum of nothing but screen shots you might be able to see both sides then.

    All the Kings' horses and all the Kings' men couldn't put Viking Clan back together again!!
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2012
  15. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    I hear you

    But did you read his attack on me even here in this forum. The "offending player" was actually 2 BTW. In addition this was in response to a RVV Motto that said our motto should be something along the lines of CCC Home of liars and receipants of Government Hand outs. But because I am not a whiny baby I did not cry I wrote something back. How about the racist motto that RVV used?


    Do you know what that means? Zebra and Oreo is a racist term used to descibe a bi racial person. Do you know why they would fear fire hoses? You guys are young. But fire hoses were used on the people participating in Civil Rights demonstrations in the 60's here in the United States. Oh wait, must be just a coincidence that CCC has a biracial member. I know that was reported. Do you have an explanation for why no action was taken?

    There are no innocent victims in this. I accept the responsibility for posting one of those mottos. I will cease and desist. But, I resent the fact that the individual who started this thread has attempted to seize the high moral ground when he is actually right down here in the muck with me. Did you read what he called me above. That has been consistent for over a year. I am not even going to bother to post what I think of him. His actions and the actions of his cronies speak louder then any words.
  16. who me?

    who me? New Member

    Kel quit?

    Great news!

    This is the man who calls everyone else except for himself a liar and a cheater.

    Unless you play on facebook & have to deal with this crud & professional deflector on a daily basis - you don't know what deflection is.

    He's a pro.

    Have fun on Myspace. They'll all figure it out for themselves the hard way just like the rest of us did.
  17. Adam Maguire

    Adam Maguire Member

    Jillina, I gotta say, you don't know Lawrence very well. Your description describes alot of people but not him, that's for sure.
    Anyway, I wanted to say Fare thee well Lizard. Too bad you couldn't keep your slimey self around until I got to your level to kick you.
    Often times people get annoyed and take a game seriously as I did with this since I was level 600 & picked on by a level 6000 Kel.
    Nobody is going to miss you except your lizlings and I'm sure you'll return after they fluff your ego enough.
    You're a bully, thrash talking, trouble starting hoodlum. Go back to Myspace where your double standards are acceptable.
    As for beating people, they left to get away from the disgusting person you are on here, not cause you were beating them. They all had a heal button and knew it!
  18. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    Actually oh great nameless one, the person that gave me that nickname, "GL", I honoured by changing my game name to it, and I am now sitting on top of the Leaderboard with it. With the work I have done getting there with the help and laughter of a great many people, your cowardly remarks are meaningless. 2 posts ... I can guess what the other is like too :)
  19. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    Very good Adam. You will never get to level 15,000. Ever. In fact, as one who consistently shows their person as one who is disgusting to many, not just me, your days in game will always be interesting.

    Its actually quite funny to me to see these tossers come here and try to add insult. The insults don't really work as I know what caliber of person I am and the nice things I have done in game for so many (my FB in-box is full of thanks) v. them who use names and insults constantly. I think JJ hit it on the nail with the whiners remarks. I think I hit it on the head with the mentally ill.
  20. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    And I am the delusional one.
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