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  1. Smack

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    Mi7ch I got this one. I'll eat your share of octopus too. Mmmmm Tako... but I digress.

    The changes made recently around Elites looked to make an improvement to keep the "helpers" of this in sync every time a new player joined. In the process the expiry timestamp was being overwritten causing the button not to display on the profile. And for this I feel great shame :(

    A fix for this just went out but once again older feed posts will still be in error until they are re-published (ie: you re-ask for Elite help)
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  2. mi7ch

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    So Smack and I are eating humble pie, crow, and whatever other food is a metaphor for feeling shame on this one.

    However I would be remiss to not point out that a screenshot and a patient explanation from @JADES lead to the resolution of this issue.

    Even though we play our own games (as I mentioned above) you guys have, and always will, a large advantage over us in terms of raw time played. Even if you want to beat us over the head with what should be the obvious, we are still people and have our own biases. We do our due diligence most of the time, but sometimes our own hubris gets in the way and for this we apologize.

    While we do try to keep our fingers out of our ears, we're not perfect. If we're ever just not seeing what you're seeing, screenshots are very helpful for illustrating your point. A picture is worth a thousand words after all. :)
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  3. JADES

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    @Jared, i think it was the side by side screen shot's with the social feed pic as well of what was occurring helped "paint the picture" a little clearer. As for not posting to the other thread it was under LCN, and for the most part I stay away from LCN threads because I do not play that game.
  4. Tillie

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    Thank you!!!! I rarely do screen shots and certainly didn't have anything showing the info Jades had. I figured sending in a ticket on this along with the link to the original person whose elites I could not rejoin so it could be investigated, should have been enough.
    Thanks Jades for the screen shots. :)
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  5. Cisco

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    This is a little bit off topic, but what is the purpose of the "disable/enable" button for elites? I can see 'disabling' the Protector if you want to die fast, but is there any real reason you might want to disable any others?
  6. Jaegermeister

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    i believe the primary reason for this is for battles. you can enable them to win battles, and then disable them so that your opponent (leveling partner) can win battles against you. this is the same reason why players change or remove loadouts for battles.
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  7. JADES

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    @ Jared, this did get fixed via post #21 long time ago.
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  8. Jared

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    I will simply live in the knowledge that I am right and let others live with the delusion that this problem has been fixed. It does not appear to be a major issue, such as, say, world chat.
  9. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    Very fucking annoying, by the way.

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