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  1. Demonik1

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    as smartass as you sound, youre not far off lol 200 enter and maybe 10-20 play, the rest dont do anything cause theyre afraid to lose health and finish lower....its more like the wait it out arena over there

    MEGAWOLF Member

    Me and Eric dont agree much but I have to here... 200 enter and maybe 10 tops plays over there... lol pretty sad if your level wins an arena haha but brag if you must on 1 win I guess. I have about 7 is all but had to bsttle for those with many players.
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    Just a heads up for the next person who feels like making an off-topic post making fun of this thread: this thread is related to the games, so if Elise wants to chart their progress they're more than welcome. If you don't like it, please feel free to unfollow this particular thread or otherwise ignore it.

    We're all here specifically to talk about the games, so I really don't get why this thread in particular is a target for off-topic posts making fun of someone's dedication to their game.
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    Good call mitch...the haters were getting to be a bit much. Especially when one considers that one of the haters who claims to have won 7 times has actually never won an arena . Granted...they've placed well a few times but only when there guild mate who happens to be over level 20k enters and wins. Weird they would claim victory at all in an arena thats only ever been by a few people. The #1 player who has won it a dozen or so times , #2 player has won it maybe 2-3 times when neither the #1 player or I hadnt entered, JJ and Larry each one it a couple of times and then there is me who won it every other time with my worst ever being a second place to both JJ and Larry.

    All the arenas have a relatively very small number of active players when compared to how many sign up. The highest of levels definitely have the best odds despite a severe handicap so regardless of what platform someone plays on if a low to mid level player wins its an impressive feat. By the looks of things Elise the OP of this thread backed it up the following week with a #3 finish.....obviously they are doing something right
  5. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    its actually a bit tougher over on kong cause the majority of active players are all within 500 levels of each other for the most part and the players that could dominate dont play to place, so theres def alot more strategy that has to be used if you wish to place well. quite a few of us def could have won it more than once if a true attempt was made and without using much stamina and no fps...but wheres the fun in that? haha i just like to wait till that final rounds for the exp boost then kill all i can and suicide on random people..easy exp and free fps since i spend none
  6. uhm what the heck is kong?
  7. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    its a gaming site ya dork haha short for kongregate....another platform they started their games on....thats where luci plays most of the time now even tho he claims to have quit playing a year ago lol
  8. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Wow, if everyone is within 500 levels, give or take.....i would imagine it would be tougher. Even though that kinda contradicts your next statement that a quite few could win multiple times if they wanted...lol.

    The whole strategy thing sounds like it would be fun.

    But in the case of the OP, they stated they have basically no Defense. If thats the case I know from first hand experience its nearly impossible to gain health while attacking even the weakest of targets and we all know what sniping will get ya, especially considering that no def. means very little def. stance.

    No disrespect, its merely my opinion , but I dont buy for the most part that players dont play to place (not regularly anyways). If they could they would for the FP and the achievements. For the most part a decent relatively balanced account of nearly any level played smartly can get levels and rank well. If they cant they may have a higher opinion of themselves than what they actually deserve. That or the simply arent dedicated enough to see things through. Dont take me wrong...Im speaking in general terms and not talking about you or anyone one else specifically. I do understand that for many its a question of time and or resources. I know as well as anybody that arena rewards suck and that they rarely come close to covering ones investment.

    MEGAWOLF Member

    ahhhhh But i have Polish but i have won the arena the very last Arena on MySpace i won and a couple after that and 3 before that.... Kano can check their stats on that to show you. But i don't have to explain much to you at all since your a NON factor in that game anymore.
  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Ummmm...the leader board says you took 3rd in the last one. It says Fielding won. Like I mentioned previously, the only time youve done well is when Fielding plays and I dont. Call me crazy, but i dont think its possible to win the "last" one and then a couple more after that.

    I dont want to sit here and argue with you about this, I was just agreeing with Mitch that it sucks that you guys were trying to diminish the OPs accomplishment. Perhaps I showed poor judgement by elaborating on my comments by pointing out that you were embellishing your own accomplishments. If Ive offended you by calling you out on your BS than I apologize.

    MEGAWOLF Member

    I'll make it simple the last MYSPACE arena polish not kano apps arena that just got over with.... Fielding didn't play when i won the ones i did win but yes we like to have a little fun and make a tease but i'll keep that for the WC. My stat % are pretty good compared to others they aren't yours but i can hold my own :)
  12. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    Ahhhhhh my dear Blimp - actually may I correct you on the record here. MEGA and G Krom each won an arena or 2 or more in the old MYSPACE days. MEGA did not need me to win an arena.

    I remember it well as MEGA and G Krom were in the guild feed discussing different Battle Arena's as they were going on. Each of them won at least one arena to the best of my knowledge. I will grant you that you and JJ are still the masters of the KANOPLAY/MYSPACE arena, and you 2 combined (along with Larry and UVOD) will be the King of the KANOPLAY arena until I beat the 4 of you combined.

    But let us give credit where credit is due - MEGA and G Krom each won the arena without any help from me - and most likely each won it more than once.
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  13. too funny !! here we go again the long book of Lord of the Ring hahahahaha
  14. polishpimp

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    Now that you mention it I do vaguely remember Ghengis winning one when JJ and I didnt enter so apparently I could be mistaken about Mega never winning one under the same circumstances. It certainly wasnt 7 as he claims though. I only missed a couple of Myspace arenas and other than losses to JJ n larry I won every other one I entered. My intent is or wasnt to slam on Mega, I just didnt/dont agree with his claims. Not to be rude, but i dont think its a much of a stretch to claim that the only reason he ever did win(if), was because all the top players didnt play or were inactive. I suppose they still deserve some credit as a win is a win, but then again Im not all that impressed with any of the players that might have been left that would have been their competition. Ive played against everyone twice and in my opinion there simply isnt that many skilled/strategic players out there.

    Ive no doubt you will far surpass my number of wins and everyone's combined, your account is not only a beast but JJ n I simply lack the time and desire to make arenas a priority these days. I do however hope to enter a few more at some point. Now that you're getting close to doubling me in levels Id e say its nearly impossible to beat ya , but it would certainly be fun trying.

    Not sure if UVOD ever won an arena, I will have to ask him.

    @Para....nice to see ya finally brought something constructive to the forums, or the game for that matter.
  15. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    I'm a firm believer in that someone is the champion of something until they get their you know what kicked. ERGO - until I beat you guys - you're the best. And if that day happens, then I will be the Master of the Arena. Until that time - it's you guys. Plain and simple.

    I'm actually the least strategic player on here - to be honest, I care little for strategy. At least for me. For me, it's better to be a pitbull, sink my teeth into something and hold on until me or that other person is dead. Usually it will be the other person. Same way you, Cha Cha, Larry, and UVOD would beat me in the arena. The 4 of you would sink your teeth into me, and I'd make your lives miserable but sooner or later I'd die. Best way to take someone out I say. If the 4 of you sunk your teeth into me now, you'd likely take me out - but you'd suffer severe and immense pain and likely would be highly crippled for later in the arena. Soon there will be a time when Elias, Al, and Demonik will take me on in the arena and will be able to collectively take me out - but they will suffer immense and crippling pain also. Just a part of the natural progression of things.

    As I've told UVOD and Cha Cha and now will tell you - UVOD is level for level, the toughest player I've ever faced on here. And the one guy in MS/KANO who I could never take out. When I was 500 levels below him, he'd attack me and win, and when I'd attack back he'd win. When I was 500 levels ahead - exact same thing. Wasn't until I got over 1000 levels ahead of him where that changed. For that he will forever be the toughest guy I ever dealt with on here.

    To which I honor him. I love people who play the game the way it was supposed to be played - violently. Am sick of whiners on the feeds. UVOD never whined after I could beat him - he just started listing me. Nothing wrong with that. It's how the game should be played. Wish more would play Viking clan that way.

    I have no idea how many MEGA won or how many G Krom won. But I do know they did win. Were you and the rest of your guild playing? I have no idea. But I do know they won at least 1 each and maybe more without any help from me.
  16. polishpimp

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    @ Fielding. yea, I suppose every one has their own way that works best for them. The whole "pitbull" thing works on/for some while for others it takes a lil more thought. The ones that are able to adjust to diff situations/players are tops in my book. Just for the record......We never came after u in a group of 4. We certainly asked Larry and UVOD to help if needed, although they were willing it never came to that . I doubt that wouldnt be the case today though. Actually....I dont remember going head to head with you all that many times, seems more times than not, you were entered but not active. You were still tough as heck to take out though. In regards to UVOD...without a doubt he is one of the very best. Its to bad he doesnt play as much either, unfortunately he is among the many long time players that kano has soured on the game. LOL...I guess im chopped liver? I was still beating ya when u were thousands of levels ahead and the same was true when u were finally able to beat me.
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    I'm closing this thread over the weekend as it's getting a little off-topic and some users have made it clear that they don't think this type of thread is appropriate for the forums. Come Monday I'll look at potentially opening this back up.
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    my dayly income now 9,2trln
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    congrats elise I almost chose you to lvl out on lol

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