Difference btw equipping myself or mobsters

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Paul Stryker, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Paul Stryker

    Paul Stryker New Member

    Hi everyone. I'm kinda new in this game, and I was wondering if there is any differences in the way I equip myself, and how does it affect for fights if your mobs have better or worse equipment. For example, if I have a good weapon, does it matter if I use it or my mobster? That's because, well, I think I have a single fight strength.

    Another more general question... What determines who'll win a fight? It's merely who has the biggest attack/defense? Or it depends on how is it distributed (more items marked as "stronger" than the enemy)?

    See ya!!

  2. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Paul. when fighting other mobsters, yes it matters.
    if, after a fight, you click on Show Details, it will show you all the different components that make up the fight results.
    Armed Weapons is one of these components.
    You can of course switch them around and yes, your mob will fight with the strongest inventory available to you across the 3 categories.

    The main place where your personal loadout pays dividends is in boss fights. The stronger your loadout in attack (combined with high health and high attack) the less stamina it will take you to reach the minimum attacks required to receive the rewards.

    Kano has always said there is a "random" element thrown into each fight. From experience, this can alter a fight result by as much as 10%.
    Your Attack Strength was 17.79% greater than your Enemy's Defense Strength
    Your Attack Strength was 23.19% greater than your Enemy's Defense Strength
    Same person and the fights were seconds apart.
  3. Paul Stryker

    Paul Stryker New Member

    Thanks, Ice Queen!!!!

    So, it's almost always better to keep the best equipment (attack if you're attacking and vice versa) for the main player, and leave the rest to the mobsters. That way the main player should have more opportunities to win on its components.
  4. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Sounds like a good plan, Paul.

    With a little effort and some forward planning (gifts in particular) you should be able to increase your overall attack and defence strength by 1000 per day.
    Click on Profile, then go to Fight Strength. You will see
    Personal Attack: xxxxx Personal Defense: xxxxx
    Armed Attack: xxxxx Armed Defense: xxxxx
    Mob Weapon Attack:xxxxxxx Mob Weapon Defense: xxxxxxx
    Mob Armor Attack:xxxxxxx Mob Armor Defense: xxxxxxx
    Mob Vehicle Attack:xxxxxxx Mob Vehicle Defense: xxxxxxx
    Total Attack:xxxxxxx Total Defense: xxxxxxxx

    If you click on "Mob Weapon Attack" It will open up a list of what you are attacking and defending with. Hover your mouse over the names of the items for their values.
    Get to know your bottom 2 items in each category (weapon, armour, vehicle). You want to improve on this at a minimum.
    Visit your Workshop (can be found under Stockpile tab) and know what gifts you need to make the strongest items available to you.
    If my memory serves me correctly, there is only 1 weapon that can be bought from the stockpile for cash that is stronger than a Workshop item after about level 200.
    Know your loadout. Use your Favour Points for Hired Guns (After you ahve bought 4 exceptional Kano Weapons). Do the Special weekend calendars 3 times. Push yourself to waste all your stamina on a boss you didn't think you could do. Do message boss owners with when you can finish their bosses if you run out of stamina. Do ask questions.
    That is the best advice I can give you on playing the game :)

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