Developer Update: April 23rd

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    You may have noticed some minor style/layout changes today we are just preparing for some new stuff and doing some misc clean-up.

    -Clan and Rule pages have been moved back to a list format to make room for additional info and based on user feedback from the table/cell layout

    -top messages (attack, bounty, etc) have been moved to a notification type message that shows up over the top right of the menu, this is a trial period and from some recent feedback we will likely move it to the top left. We did this due to the feedback from users not liking the top messages bumping down the page every time they are attacked or bountied so this should be a less intrusive.

    More higher level bosses are on the way and some other fun stuff!

    As always feedback is welcomed and encouraged.
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  2. Gar

    Gar New Member

    Kendal, I am having issues it started with MW this morning every time I tried to get to the page i get a 404 then at about noon VC started doing it then about 330 PC started acting glitchy and now it says 404 I need help.
  3. yes PLEASE move those attack messages to the left side.they are getting in the way when i try attacking.whether attacking on bounty or boss those messages are making it impossible

    that or dont show 1 for every single attack
  4. its better than before thanks Kendall ;)
  5. Wendy Maslowski

    Wendy Maslowski New Member

    Eric, thanks for the update. I like it in the left, but it's a bit hard to read it. Anyway to make it stand out a bit more with color? The typing tends to mute into the background too much. Makes it harder to tell what/who is happening. Thank you!

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