[KanoPlay] Default setting option to enable/disable chat box being open or closed

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by James The App Guy, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. There needs to be a setting to enable or disable the chat box from being open when the game loads. I use Firefox on my PCs to play & Opera on my mobile. If I have the chat box open when on my PC or if left it open when I closed the browser, when I launch Opera it shows up there as well. Even if I close it on the mobile browser, the moment I refresh the page, the chat reappears. The only way to stop it is to turn on a PC, load the appropriate game, & close the chat on it. Once that is done, Opera & other browsers I have for my mobile no longer have it opened. The moment I open it back up on the PC, it opens on the mobile browsers. It's simply easier to play without the chat on mobiles because to fit it in the view able area, the fonts & buttons all get smaller & harder to select. I don't use the apps to play, because for the most part it is easier for me not to.

    So, what about adding in settings a default to enable or disable the chat from showing? It'd be no different an option than "Hide Background", "Personal Medic", or "Loadout Selection".

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