December 17th Developer Update 2 - Daily Reward

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    A Daily Reward feature was released today to Pirate Clan. Daily Reward's are exactly that, a reward you get for your continued play of Pirate Clan. All you have to do to be eligible for rewards is play the game and the more consecutive days you play the better your rewards will get. You can earn up to 7 days of Daily Rewards before you restart back at Day 1 again.

    The rewards that you can currently expect are boosts to either your Stamina or Energy. These boost can allow you to temporarily boost your Stamina/Energy stats above their maximum levels.

    Start collecting your rewards today by clicking on the Daily Reward tab on the new homepage. This tab will always indicate how many rewards you have ready to be collected. But be aware that if you miss a day of play, or you don't collect your rewards by the end of the 7th day, that all your pending awards will disappear.

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