December 16th Developer Update - Blacksmith

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  1. Loren

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    Forge your way in to power as a Blacksmith - the newest feature for Viking Clan that allows you to combine inventory items together to create more powerful items. A brief outline on how the feature works:

    Your inventory is listed in the top left hand box. You can filter these items by selecting the corresponding item type from the drop down selector. Each inventory item includes an icon to denote its type.

    Click and drag images from Your Items, then drop them in the slots provided on the workbench.

    Recipes hold the formulas to create items, and are listed in the yellow panel on the bottom left hand side of the page. Recipes are unlocked by reaching level and location requirements. A Recipe requires inventory items and cash to create; most items are destroyed in the process unless otherwise denoted with a *.

    Hidden Recipes are going to require a little more effort. We have hidden the items required to fulfill the recipe, so teamwork could prove a big help here otherwise good old fashioned trial and error.

    To visit the Blacksmith click Clan -> Blacksmith.

    If you encounter any issues or have any feedback for the Workshop please don't hesitate to post those comments here and we can address them. We will continue to release new Recipes along with new game content.
  2. Grim Reaper Griffin

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    How about a hint on those hidden recipes, please.:)
  3. would guess that it should include Muspell adventure drops since these are the ones the senior players had amassed in huge numbers prior to the new worlds being introduced.
  4. i got some items but still working on Autumn's Hammer :D

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  5. DarkkkHell

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    Please tell me someone "who has known the recipe? please tell as to achieve ITEM!:)
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  6. Sie

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    they are not worth making unless you just want to do them for fun of searching for the items you can buy better with god points
  7. REY95

    REY95 New Member

    found one it is
    Steel Sword : viking dager + skull dager + alfheim dagger set
  8. satan the black

    satan the black New Member

    i have gotten the sky maiden : you need 2 goddess and a sacdred well

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