deadly mime ?

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by speederly, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. speederly

    speederly New Member

    anyone know deadly mime drops ? :) search in google but i did not find anythink.
  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    If you're able to fight the Deadly Mime, just click on the "Rewards" tab and it will show you the drops and achievements you can earn.
  3. speederly

    speederly New Member

    yeah i know :) but i did not see any deadly mime :) so far the best I've seen super-soldier
  4. true blood

    true blood Member

    Thermal Glass Deflector

    73 attack
    76 defance
  5. The Navigator

    The Navigator Active Member

    These both are minimum damage rewards. Or maybe the other one is random attack drop, I can't remember.

    [​IMG] Vintage delivery truck: 78 ATT 92 DEF

    [​IMG] Mime land raider: 81 ATT 81 DEF
  6. Deadly mimes can be hard to find because you never hear them, if you return to Paris I would look there.
  7. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    Thermal Glass Deflector 73 attack 76 defance = random drop during boss fight.
    Vintage delivery truck: 78 ATT 92 DEF, Mime land raider: 81 ATT 81 DEF, both of these items are the final helper rewards, just to make it more clear for you in a single post.

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