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Discussion in 'Implemented Ideas' started by Blasphamy, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. Blasphamy

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    Ok. So here's a combination of a couple of thread suggestions that may serve to accomplish the same goal, without altering any game actions.

    There have been a few suggestions for a tiered UN selection. 5 UN for 50% refill and so on.... and there's been suggestions for the Daily Reward to be altered in some ways.... here is what I propose:

    The Daily Reward should not be automatically collected when clicked into, it should have an option to collect.

    1) Each day, the same values collect. 5% for day 1 stamina, 10% day 2 stamina, etc.... same for energy values remain unchanged.

    2) Daily Reward is not collected automatically upon entry to the page

    3) Daily Rewards have a 'accept' box next to it, similar to the Boosts received from squad members (energy/stamina)

    4) Each day earned (again, unchanged from the current 7 day progressive build) can be selected to be accepted.

    Day 1: 5% stamina increase [accept]
    Day 2: 10% stamina increase [accept]
    Day 3: xx % stamina increase [accept]
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7: You get the idea

    This would allow players to choose the amount of stamina / energy that they would need to accomplish their daily tasks, in coordination with what they actually need, without the waste. It would serve to meet the player desires of their ability to choose how much they need, without altering any of the game given benefits as they stand right now.....barring simply the ability to choose what you need, without it being shoved upon you.

    Players don't often need the full 100% / 50% boosts to meet their daily demands. Without changing the 7 day reward platform or reset if not accepted, or any other aspect of it, allow us (the player) to choose our daily reward.

    This would not effect how it plays. If you did not accept a given % after the 7 day period, you would of course lose it as you would if not accepted in the current system. It would not be allowed to be collected 1 day and accumulate another day to use as you need.

    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4 etc.... if not accepted after 7 days, would again reset to the Day 1 benefit. At no time would 2, 5% / 10% / etc options be available (as they are not allowed right now).

    I think this would help players better utilize the game given options they currently have, while feeling better in control of their daily gameplay and leveling / fighting / ambushing / trapping/ hitlisting / outbreak clearing / Battle Arena / Faction Wars needs as each and every one of us play a different style of game.

    Sorry for the novel, but a thorough presentation had to be made. Thank you for your time and consideration. :)
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  2. JADES

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    I play VC, but still get 10 Starz from me. Very well said Blasphamy
  3. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    its a great idea every time i see it haha 10....although id think you would still have to at least accept them in order....i could see how it would wreak havoc if someone collected day 4 before day 1 and 2 and then continued thru their 7 days...how would that work? so i agree with having the ability to collect which ones we want without collecting them all but there still needs to be order....even if we cant choose, we should at the very least be able to see where we're at without collecting them
  4. Blasphamy

    Blasphamy Member

    In this version, Demonik, I suggested that if you saved....lets say 5 days worth of Daily Rewards.... you would have the option to choose to collect any of those days, at any point. If you saved 6 days worth, collecting day 1, 3, 5 right now, and then using days 2, 4, 6 and 7 on day 7 would be an option you could use....or any combination of days, at any point.....should you have that many saved.

    Right now, if you use day 1, then wait two days....You automatically collect day 2 and 3, then the following day you would get day 4 rewards and so on.

    I also suggested that at no point do you alter the current way the days are calculated or rewarded. All 7 days come in order, after the 7th day, it resets back to day 1, the same way it does now. But, for the people who like to save many days in a row, could now have the option to choose which days reward and when they'd like to use it.
  5. Blasphamy

    Blasphamy Member

    Mi7ch??? Any feedback?
  6. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    i understood what your suggestion is, i just think the way you proposed would be alot more work for them than just being able to see where youre at. that would be the easiest and quickest solution to a long time problem
  7. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    10 *'s

    Been suggested before, I believe this was another idea where the reasoning behind it's rejection was 'less clicks is better'
  8. George Burd

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    It would be nice in the respect you dont actually bump it and collect all rewards when you are saving them for arena or a big boss opening in 2 days
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  9. kevinmalo

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    10 stars? i only see 5 :p all stars from me, never seen this post before.
  10. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    As this idea (or at least manual Daily Rewards collection) would require a UI refresh, that's going to have to be worked up first before we get moving on this. We've got our UI designer working up some potential designs, so hang tight!
  11. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

  12. RainSunGone

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    woot, finally TY :)
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  13. I frequently hoard up to seven days' worth of daily rewards the week before boss raids. Currently, if I collect, all seven days' worth are collected at once. I would like to collect one daily reward manually at a time, like you can do with hoarded loot chests. Is this on the agenda?
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  14. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    Unless I'm missing something, I'm not sure this was ever actually implemented? At least, not the way the OP intended, and was just recently mentioned. You can save rewards, but if you have more than 1 day saved, all of them are collected at once.
  15. Rick B

    Rick B Active Member

    After reading things over you're not missing a thing. I'd like more control, as well. Having to collect multi-K stam all-at-once can be a tad problematic (such as loosing all your leveling stams while burning it off)
  16. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    Yea, that's how it currently works :/ It'd be great to be able to stock up to 7 and collect individually!
  17. Rick B

    Rick B Active Member

  18. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    the option for individual daily reward collection when you have multiple stockpiled i agree would be a nice addition. Its the little things that add up to make a better gaming experience in these types of games.
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  19. I collected 7 daily rewards and ended up with Stamina: 12251/3500. I'm pretty sure that when I level up, if I have stamina above the max, I don't get the free 50 stamina every level. :-(
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  20. Rick B

    Rick B Active Member

    Yep - that is the case. So if you level 8 times getting under your max you lose 400 stam.

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