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  1. Tony Cecil

    Tony Cecil Member

    The Legendary Crate Items are great...The stats are off the chart...When you hit one it's great and you feel really good. Buuuuuut when you hit a rare item the disappointment is off the charts. Reason: For the majority of us (especially us higher levels) 99% of the time the item is completely unusable and we end up selling it back. Why cant you update the "Rare" items to attack or defense items with stats in the 400s or low 500s? The difference between the Legendary and Rare items is so much. For the UN we spend (38 for a single 106 for 3) We should deserve an item that is actually usable regardless of hitting a legendary which are always usable or a rare which are nearly ALWAYS unusable. It would make people happier and make people more inclined to purchase them.

    Think about it, and to the right thing, KANO.
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  2. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    Good luck with this one, crates don't seem to be a priority.
  3. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Wait, didn't we just lower the pricing on higher tier Crates and improve the chances to get a Legendary item?


    I will pass the suggestion to those in charge.
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  4. Heather J. Fox

    Heather J. Fox New Member

    agreed. but the rare items should at least be usable in our inventory. maybe at the low end, like he said maybe in the 400 range, like a sale item. I always have to sell the rare items back myself.
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  5. Tony Cecil

    Tony Cecil Member

    Yes...and the 50/50 chance is wonderful, Mitch. I wasn't talking about the chances though was talking about the disparity in stats between legendary and rare items...And I was out of line about the "ripoff" comments..Was just on a rant. Apologies for that. But in your head you have to see that the "rare" items don't cut the mustard for most of us. It's so so disappointing when you get an item that doesn't figure into the 40 items you use in each category. (weapons, gear, vehicles) That's what i meant by feeling ripped off. I just think for the amount of UN you spend to buy a crate with the 50/50 shot that any item you get, rare or legendary should at least figure in to one of the 40 items you use to fight with. It doesn't have to be a crazy high number like the legendary's but should at least be in the mid 400s to low 500s...Look at the items out now. Even the high end limited time item is now in the 500s. It's just my opinion..And not to be presumptuous, but I'm fairly certain the vast majority of Zombie Slayer feels the same way..
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  6. von

    von New Member

    bought 3 x stained wood don crates on friday and got rubbish, 105 fps and i got c@ap. i know its a 50/50 gamble but that's just a con and a rip off. I've never had this problem before when buying the 35 fps crates. Bought one and got rubbish so i thought maybe the next one will be better, then 3rd time i thought i should def get a good one now, but nope.
    Thats me done with buying anymore fps unless the crates change with the drop rate, totally disgusted and shocked
  7. JudyTucker

    JudyTucker New Member

    I have to agree with Yvonne on this one. 50/50 with no luck on one purchase is fair, but X 3 really is very disappointing.
  8. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Von, it sounds like you've been on a run of getting the rough end of those odds but I assure you there is nothing nefarious going on here. Given the Don crates have a 50% chance of rolling a Legendary and a 50% chance of rolling a Rare it's a coin flip and you could certainly flip a coin and hit heads 3 times in a row.

    It should also be noted that these odds apply to each crate you open (or coin your flip) and have no bearing on past results. So while getting the same result 3 times successively seems "improbable", probability tells us that over a larger sample size (ie: many coin flips) the results will reflect the 50/50 odds.

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