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  1. DarkStratus

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    Skyshine Blade Hint
    One item is a gift, two Items are not gifts

    Aurora Spear
    One item is a gift, two items are not gifts

    One item is a gift, two items are not gifts

    One item is a gift, two items are not gifts

    Njord's Champion
    Two items, neither is a gift

    Highlands Longbow
    Two items, neither is a gift

    Ebony Knife
    Two items, neither is a gift
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  2. Maler

    Maler Member

    at long last, we have ignition :))
    thank you, o great one.
  3. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Ebony Knife, Poisonstroke, Highlands Longbow and Njords Champion have been solved already.

    But it's nice to know that the Skyshine Blade needs 3 Items to craft. 2 normal and a gift. It eliminates some possibilities.
  4. Can we get a little more specificity on the two non gift items? I've tried what feels like a hundred different combinations for the skyshine blade with no luck.

    At this point I'd have to say trying to unlock the hidden recipes is not worth the effort given the att/def value of the weapons and the fact that I can't immediately craft at least 100.
  5. rrrof711

    rrrof711 Member


    i am upset at how long i have been trying and how many different possibilities i have gone through to figure out that stupid skyshine blade recipe and still no results!
  6. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    What possibilities? If you'd post them, then they will combine with other trials and show what does NOT work.
  7. self

    self Member

    How about a clue what one of the items is, or if one of the trials that was wrong was right...
  8. Seggs

    Seggs New Member

    there is an item that uses only 2 items but it requires 50 of each item. is it possible that some of the trials posted about as yet undiscovered recipes are, in fact, correct but have yielded failure because certain items have been used in improper proportions?

    or have all trials posted been completely incorrect?

    im referring specifically to the skyshine blade and giantsbane. ive seen a lot of work done on those two but, after a month or so no success yet.
  9. the failure message would show you if your just short of items even for hidden ones
  10. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Hellfire Chariot? I found that recipe second. At the time, I did NOT have 50 of each item. There are 4 possible results from trying a Blacksmith combination:
    Failure - wrong combination (this will also show up if you aren't at the right level)
    Failure - not enough coins (this appears different from the first failure)
    Failure - not enough ingredients (this is different from both of the other results)

    Every trial that I have posted, that I tested (and not recopying someone else's results) was a DEFINITE failure.
  11. rrrof711

    rrrof711 Member

    time or patience

    i dont have the time or the patience to keep track of everything i have tried. i tried most of the svalinn sun shield + blazing shield + gift item combos.
    most mist hammer + every item known + gift combos.
    most jomungrundr + hugin munin combos. most svalinn sunshield and everything else combos.

    all of my trials included items from the 300- level items and gifts and they were all 1 item + 1 item + 1 gift combos. i think this is the most ridiculous way to make a game interesting. there isnt enough information to make it fun. it is just running through the labrynth of possibilities with little to no help whatsoever. im sick of it. its sad that this stupid skyshine blade hidden recipe bs makes me want to quit playing. i just want a skyshine blade!!!! why is it so much work!?!?!?! it is stupid!

    BOZO HAIR New Member

    so yeah

    Did lots of vikings PM each other or did everyone work it out on their own from the vague hints?
  13. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    We worked it out. And there are actually quite a lot of hints. The hardest part is actually running through and methodically testing each combination one-by-one.

    Based on the information, we know that ONE GIFT + SOME ITEM + (some item UNLOCKED at level 300) makes the SKYSHINE BLADE.

    There are 4 different items that unlock at level 300: Battle Etin (which is used in another recipe, so we ignore it for now), one item drop from each of the two world bosses, and the weapon purchase SVALINN SUN SHIELD.

    Then, since most VC hidden recipes use a previous Blacksmith recipe, we have 3*4*(number of gifts) possibly combinations. Order does not matter.
    So, 6*gifts. There are, what, 41 gifts? 246 combinations. Not too terribly much to work with.

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