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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Eric, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    As you have noticed there have been some changes to counter attacks. They have been changed to remove vulnerabilities and misuse of the system. The changes are as follows:

    -You cannot set a counter attack on someone who hasn't previously attacked you within the last 24 hours. Attacks are battles and cagematches only, pistol whips and bounties are not counted.

    -Counter attack pricing is now based off of cashflow (income-upkeep) and strength between two players.If the player placing the counter attack is a greater level, the cost is based more on the greater of the two cashflows ( between the 2 players )

    -Discounts are given if your opponent has attacked more and price is increased if you have attacked more. Attacks are battles and cagematches only, pistol whips and bounties are not counted. Attack counts between players are reset if there is 24 hours of inactivity (no attacks). Note that the already set counter attacks themselves are never reset or removed. Price is also increased if multiple counter attacks are set on the same person.

    -Counter attack allocations start at 100, every 15 levels you advance that allocation drops by 1 to a minimum of 10. Eg. Level 15 you are allowed 99
    counter attacks, Level 30 allowed 98 counter attacks ...

    -Base Counter attack costs are capped at your opponent's bounty price (before discounts/increases).

    -Successful counter attacks now count as an attack against your opponent.

    We are also reviewing the counter attacks achievements to accommodate these new rules.
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  2. anchorage Douglas

    anchorage Douglas New Member

    Okay I got bountied by a lower level so he opened himself up to attack which I did......
    Attacks from: 1 bounty,1 pistol whip,578 counter attacks,2 bounty traps in 49 minutes Last attacked: 28 minutes ago
    Attacks against: 895 attacks,7 bounties,1 pistol whip,1 bounty trap in 17 hours Attacked first: 17 hours ago Last attacked: 11 minutes ago
    I thought I could use up a bunch of his coins on counter attacks....but he never seemed to run low on coins or consider stopping so I just bountied him 7 times in the end....I have been playing this game for 3 1/2 years and still these computations make no numerical or sense in the gameplay. His bounty kept going up fast for me but I guess for him the cost of counters did not go up. I spent 100+ trillion and there is no way to know what he spent I know another player said that if they had to put a counter on me it would cost them 7.227,155,981,370 for 1 counter so what gives? I know this player did not have that much in coins and then to boot he was using an auto heal program at the same time.
  3. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    1st off I'm sure he let you hit him few times 1st= counters are not " 7.227,155,981,370 for 1 " after you hit him x amount of times, 2nd he decided to counter lvl on you which at a 895 hits-578=317 hits, counters would be dirt cheap. Ask your friend to hit you even 100 times then see what the counter cost is.
  4. anchorage Douglas

    anchorage Douglas New Member

    Okay I had another player attack me with 100 win over me :(( but then when I attacked back I would win :) however then he put 3 counters on me and they went up and up first one 7.2 trillion next one was 8.01 trillion and one more at 8.9 trillion so what is the difference??? he would not go higher .... but what makes the cost so extremely different?
  5. anchorage Douglas

    anchorage Douglas New Member

    Oh and about the idea of Leveling on counters doesn't seem to be the ticket here after 895 attacks that account it is on the exact same level so xp must not be great or even worth mentioning at level 3003 he is still there. I have saved the player id so I can keep an eye on him kinda weird that he bountied me out of the blue but my income is pretty high so I can spend a few coins to possibly make him think twice about random bounties. My first bounty cost is 9.636 trillion....Well after thinking a bit maybe when I bountied him back 7 times it took any levels away he gained???
  6. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    If "x" person hit you 100 times your right his counters will be that high, did you try and set a counter and see how dirt cheap it is on him? 1 counter to 1 attack will not increase counter cost if you break through counters only makes it that much cheaper in the 24 hr period of attacks, you at playing for 3 1/2 years should know this BTW.
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  7. Linda

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    The more you attack some one and go over his attacks/counters the higher (PW count also) it will be to counter him, If you let it reset which means not attacking him for 24 hours before he resets , setting counters on him will be cheaper, After you reset keep your attacks on him lower than his on you and the price to set counters will be cheap for you but high for him, ya gotta watch those attack numbers and remember if you set counters those count as attacks on your end.
  8. Butcher Ludmilla

    Butcher Ludmilla New Member

    It sure not work that way for me first counter on [removed] 5.1 trillion after 16 attack on me with 12 attack from me on him... second counter on him 6 tril wait 24 hours he whip & whip counter is still 5.1 trillion so when they get cheap?
  9. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    After you let them get around 30 hits up on you cheap (so him 30 hit's you zero on him in the 24 hr period etc.)

    BTW not suppose to use game names on the forum, edit it LOL or someone else will have to.
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