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  1. BoReGuard

    BoReGuard New Member

    If your needing or looking for a family, feel free to consider the Cooler Family. Flag is ECHO. Not much for rules, Life First, We realize you can can't just sit on a computer all day. Syndicate wars ? If you have no time but have a chance to log on, Pick a target and blast away. All points count. Were a young family from mostly Mob Wars. I myself have played a for a good bit. Dedicated but a laid back bunch. going on vacation. Let us know. your answer will be "Have Fun". I have 4 slots left.

    We operate one Family Room. Game posts and a file for good info regarding the game
    2 Chats. We only operate one at a time to eliminate Pop Ups. One "Cooler Chat". General game chat. The other "Syndicate Fights". Syndicate fight is only operated During The fights. Lasts four days them we revert back.

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