[LCN] Comma separators for numbers

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by King of Procrastinators, May 28, 2018.

  1. Please use comma separators for numbers (to denote thousands, millions, billions, trillions, etc...) for:
    • Jobs and Challenges screens: for experience gained for each job
    • Bosses and raids screen: for damage delivered
    • Syndicate Wars: for members signed up, all numbers such as skills and points
    • Profiles page: not all numbers in User and Stats tabs have comma separators
    • Top nav: Health, energy, stamina, and level don't have comma separators
    Please, I'm making this request to increase legibility. Thank you.
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  2. Rick B

    Rick B Active Member

    In most places commas are not used when dealing with large numbers (for example Billions) and then decimals are used 3.839 Billion. On the bar and in skills, pretty sure nobody has exceeded the need for a 6 digit tracker (admins correct me here If I am wrong).
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  3. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    Unless I'm mistaken, the . counts as a digit, so that would actually be a 7 digit tracker. Regardless, I've wondered this myself, why there are commas in most, but not all, of the stats. Seems like a simple coding fix to me, at least for the profile page, where I usually notice this. The other areas haven't been much of a concern to me, it's not too hard for me to keep track of my stats (health, energy, stamina, etc.) without commas.
  4. I assumed the inconsistency was because different SW Engineers were assigned to different parts of the code at different times. Some were more diligent in caring about legibility than others. :)

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