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  1. Hi i am a player looking for a clan but since we can't send messages to players unless we are friends can i tell if a clan is right for me besides FR'ing every clan leader?

    I'm looking for a clan that is active, has a good communication system (fb group, chat and so on etc) and isn't afraid to fight :D

    I'm not sure if this is the place to ask this because i'm pretty new but sorry if its not. Thanks!
  2. Jon Ward

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  3. Oops, sorry i meant armada not clan.
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    Just look thru the list of armada's ingame and see who is recruiting
  5. Jon Ward

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    If your looking for armada's to join that is going to have to be up to you if you find a bucaneer armada they are more catered to fighting if you find the privateers those are more laid back armadas who just like to have fun. But of coure its going to be up to you and if an armada suits you. Some players after joining them find out later they do not really care much for drama caused by some and just run by themselves and have friends who help you because your always there to help them.
  6. I did, however, i wanted to know if the armada was right for me first before i joined it. That's why i posted my question here :)
  7. Thanks!! That helped a lot :D
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    You can always leave armadas at anytime. However if you do find a armada that does the points and making sure they win each week for the trophies ribbions whatever. Try to wait till the end of sunday after you do your points before you leave otherwise it will mess up there chance to win and some armadas take that personal.
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    NOT entirely true Jon.

    My armada is of the privateer and most of us are fighters.

    Our main enemy armada is of privateer and are mostly fighters.

    That's not completely accurate.
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  10. Jon Ward

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    Just using the termage on what the actual armadas are supposed to be. Not saying privateers cannot be fighters. I have a armada who i am friends with that some are the most ruthless fighters in the game. But they are privateers. I am saying the majority of the time if your looking for fighting ones just look at bucaneers.

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